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Five Things About My Weekend

A Long, Long Time Ago

Once upon a time, I made amazing pieces of lace, they were a frippery, a lovely indulgence, a glorious bit of fun, and, often time, challenging, demanding, a test of endurance. In the end, they would be tucked away and rarely if ever worn. This amazing Hidcote had a spectacular photo op at Bryce Canyon, but then it languished, waiting, tucked in a cupboard. It was when my sister said she would like a shawl to wear at her wedding the idea of giving it a new life struck me.

I feel as if there was a reason I made this shawl in 2007, a reason that came to light in 2015.  My sister needed a hug of support and love during one the most important moments of her life and I am very happy I could be there for her in every way.


I think it's stupendous that your sister wore this shawl on her wedding day. It was clearly meant to be hers!

It was perfect. Some things are just meant to happen.

How well things that were meant to be work themselves out without us even knowing. Happy your Hidcote played a starring role in this, it is as beautiful as the happy couple. Job well done!

What a gift of love for a day (and life) to be filled with it.

Serendipitous gifting is the best! So glad your sister was the recipient and was wrapped in the love and support she needed on on her special day. .

Absolutely beautiful - your Hidcote, your sister and her partner, and your story!

Wow. Just wow.

Talk about being well-prepared in advance!! :) Did it qualify as something old?

Fabulous gift!

I love that the gift came from your hands and embraced your sister so beautifully. what a treasure!


So perfect!

That's beautiful

This post was beautiful...the shawl, the sentiment and your sister. <3

Oh and....."I can still remember how that music used to make me smile."
Love you!

Beautiful!! So perfect for a garden wedding. Your sister will treasure it FOREVER!
(What a fabulous cake!)

Wiping away a tear....

Absolutely gorgeous-the brides and the shawl!!

you are such a fantastic sister and I know she felt your love. How generous and how gorgeous your sister looks!!

Oh, Margene! This post (which I originally missed because I was away) brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful shawl . . . for a beautiful occasion . . . and a most beautiful sister! XO

Love this SO MUCH! Beautiful.

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