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Pretty Yellow Dresses

Mary posted her first appearance as a flower girl and shared her pictures and memories of the dress she wore. Her post reminded me of my first appearance (at the same age) as a flower girl.  I shared my pictures and memories with Mary and she said I should blog about the dress, which was a very good idea. Thank you, Mary. 

Valene's Flower girl

I am old enough that my pictures are only black and white, which means you can't see the pretty pale sunshine yellow of my dress. The collar is white with lace trim and there is a black ribbon around my waist. The ribbon was long and tied in a bow in the back, the ends streaming almost to the floor.

I wore the dress for my Aunt Valene's wedding and I still remember that day. I remember how I loved walking around in a floor length dress (my first) and how I loved the bouquet (which I had possession of only for the photographs). My mother made the dress (as she made most of my clothes) and I was heartbroken when she told me she had made the hem extra long to save the fabric for a second dress. (Can you see the wide hem in the photo?)

I think I remember a tantrum. 

Which as any kid (and parent) knows, does no good. The dress was rehemmed and a second dress made for my younger sister. We had matching dresses for Easter Day 1955.

Karen and me

You might have noticed my hair is shorter in this photo. I have a memory of Mom telling my grandmother she left my hair long for the wedding, but had plans to cut it shorter when we returned home.  A permanent wave would have been involved as I had, and still have, very straight hair.

I enjoy looking back at childhood memories  and reminiscing, but I wonder how close to the truth the memories are and how different the stories might be from one person to another. Memories are capricious, but they are our own. 


I think your mother was a very clever and accomplished seamstress! I love the collar and can almost see the lovely sunshine yellow in my mind. There have been plenty of times I've checked my childhood memories with my sister because some of them seem so crazy, but we often have the same recollections!

My sister is only 15 months younger than I am but youd think we grew up in different families entirely according to our memories!

Many of my earliest memories have to do with clothes. I was a flower girl in my Aunt Neva's wedding at the age of three. My dress was a full length dotted Swiss and I felt like a princess. I had a fit when mom rehemmed it! (We have a lot in common!). You are right, memories are still powerful, even if they are capricious.

Ha! Definitely different memories... and some things that are seared into my brain aren't even a blip on my siblings' radar (and vice versa).

You're an adorable flower girl!! Oh, the permanent wave! My mom never gave us permanents... didn't have my first until I was nearly 20.

How much you resemble your Aunt Veline! You are a beautiful miniature of her.

Awww. :) It's interesting comparing memories with siblings - they're so, so, so different.

Just this week I called my Uncle in NC to ask about my Grandparents home. My Dad (son-in-law) and I had varying memories of where they lived when and of course my references were nothing like his. Even Dick, the son had to think and he lived there!

You were such a cutie! The first time I was in a wedding was when I was 6 and my mom married my stepdad. I have a photo somewhere, if I can find it I will do a blog post, too.

I love those pictures. There is something awesome about the black and white, leaving color to the imagination.

My younger sister and I share some memories but I must say she claims memories that I know nothing about. I wonder if she makes them up.

I wish I had better memories of my childhood, but I've always had a brain like a sieve. You were adorable in your yellow dress!

So sweet, Margene! (The story, your smile, the dresses . . . all of it.) I was never a flower girl, although I always wanted to be one! (I had a flower girl in my own wedding -- and she wore pale yellow dotted swiss!!!!)

*smiles* I'm so glad you shared the photos and the story. that was a beautiful wedding and you're fortunate to have the memories!

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