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Yesterday, Smith and I celebrated our 35th anniversary by going to our favorite sushi place for dinner. As is my usual MO, I took no pictures, as apparently, I live only in moments I never remember to share. 

For 35 years Smith has put up with my foibles, insecurities, and quirks, and I feel very lucky he's willing to do so. We've lived in this house for almost all of our married years and I can't imagine leaving it, although I would like to make a few changes in decor. 

In 1980 I believed in perms (had to have that full curly head of hair everyone else). In 1980 I didn't believe in sunblock, and those lily white arms are now speckled with spots. In 1980 I felt young and beautiful, and now, I feel much older, still beautiful, perhaps. While I've heard it said age brings wisdom, I'm not sure I've become any wiser, unless that means being smart enough to stay married to this wonderful man for 35th years.  



What a beautiful photo - you both look so content. Congrats on 35 years!! That is so amazing.

A milestone to be sure! Happy happy anniversary to you both!

Happy anniversary to you both!

Wonderful phone, and you both are as beautiful/handsome today as you were then. Congrats...

Definitely beautiful. The important thing is living the moments. Picture taking takes away from the moment-living, at least for me.

Happy anniversary and many, many more!

I love that picture of you guys! So happy and beautiful. Happy anniversary.

Wonderful choice I'd say. Congratulations!

Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous - both of you!

Happy Anniversary - your happiness radiates from that photo! Here's to another 35 Margene and Smith!

Happy Anniversary! You both look as happy today as you did back then!

Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more years of happiness!

Happy Anniversary! That is a stunning photo and we can see how contented you both are. Wishing you many more happy, healthy, and loving years together.

Happy Anniversary! Wonderful to have insight into your love together.

I love that photo!! You are both very wise. ;)

Happy Anniversary!!


Sounds like wisdom to me. I can see you two in there easily.

Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple.

Happy anniversary!!

I have always adored this photo of you and Smith. Happy Anniversary and here's to many more, you make a fabulous couple and compliment each other perfectly! Love you!

Happy anniversary to you and Smith! You've got it figured out, that's for sure! (I LOVE the photo. Just love it. So happy and relaxed. You both just KNOW you've found The One.) XOXOXO

Happy Anniversary!

What a great picture! Happy anniversary and here's to many more.

Mazal tov and many more happy years together to both of you from Joseph and me, hugs!

Happy Anniversary! and what a beautiful photo - of you both! choosing well is the best course to a happy marriage. y'all both did!

Congratulations on your long and successful marriage. Your picture is devastingly darling!

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