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Carole asks our intentions and I'm not much on sharing mine, but here it is a blank slate of a year, a whole new 365 of days waiting to be entered. Oh, the things you can do , the places you can go, the lists upon lists you can make...

I know a few things I would like to do:

1. Learn to do my own manicure, ala Claudia.

2. Write lots and lots of handwritten notes.

3. Read books, as many as I can.

4. Move. My body. Keep moving.

5. Drink more tea. With friends whenever possible.

6. Grow more veggies, eat more veggies.

7. Hug people more (only if they want a hug).

8. Smile more, say "thank you" more.

9. Make more stuff, use my hands.

10. Be me more.



I want a hug! I'll consider myself hugged over the internet and you are one step closer to accomplishing #7. I love your idea of smiling more too. Wonderful intentions Margene!

Lovely! I'm happy to receive virtual hug #2 (or any number)!!

as a recipient of one of those handwritten notes i am grateful for it making the "list" this is an awesome list of what to do more of

This is a wonderful list! I have very specific advice for you on the manicure whenever you are ready for it.

A good list. :)

I'm also claiming a virtual hug, in celebration of your really thoughtful list and you. Thank you for sharing!

One of these days, we'll see each other again for a nice big hug! Me, I need to work on your title..."Don't happy." :)

#10 is, of course, the best! And I'll take a hug!

Claiming a hug as well and sending one right your way! I'd like to drink more tea too. Another area I could stand to expand my horizons!

Giving the hugs will bless so many others.

This is inspirational. :-)

We all should be me (ourselves) more often. And give hugs! :)
Absolutely love your list!

Great list!

Great ideas! Whats your favorite tea? Bag or loose?

Your list just gave me a wonderful sense of calm, Margene. What a terrific list of things to do in 2015. XO

Love the hugs <3

I really, really enjoyed your list. I'd like to adopt many of them into my list. :)

I like seeing you be you.

What a perfect zeneedle list - it seems like you! I'm all for hugs and handwritten notes and tea (although mine is usually coffee) with friends.

I love how you wrote hug more people only if they want it :) That is a true introvert (assuming you are one or close to one in real life) being sensitive to others! Love the list and that list could easily be my list.

aww a lovely list.
Ive already eaten more vegetables than ever before in the first 11 days of 2015. Tonight: black beans, corn and grilled onions

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