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Happiness comes from within. No one else, nothing else, only you, can bring happiness into your life. Carole asked for 10 Things That Make (Me) Happy Right Now. 


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At the top of the list is the one day of beautiful blue sky we enjoyed this weekend. You know how happy blue skies make me. 


2. The stunning red amaryllis that has brightened my kitchen for the last month while it has slowly brought forth its glorious blossoms. It deserves a post of its own.


3. Recommended by Brainpicklings, and picked up at my local library. this wonderful book brought delight to my weekend with its charming story and accompanying illustrations. A good book is happiness and this is only one of the three I read over the weekend. 

4. Happiness is spending two days IN A ROW with Smith. We walked in the sun, went to our favorite tea shop, spent time in the garden working on a green house, fixed some fun meals, had breakfast at a place we love, and even, fit in time to relax. 

5. Happiness is a project, that's been knit mostly under the radar, nearing the finish line. You know how slowly I knit, but sooner than later I'll be sharing an FO post. There is also a cecret project on the needles and there could be a row or two of a sweater in the works.


6. My favorite project, of the moment, is an Alabama Chanin project you have not been privy to. More will be revealed shortly, do not fret. Believe me, it brings happiness. 

7. Happiness a delicious meal, made with care and love, and four hands working to  make it happen. 

8. Happiness is having dinner with a girlfriend;  good conversation, good food, good wine, and a good time. 

9. Three beautiful days off work! That is what made me SO happy this weekend. 

10. Happiness is everything in my world. My life is full, there is a roof over my head, I am safe, and I have a good job, I have a car (even though old and ugly), and I have a boat load of friends, a wonderful family, and a darling husband. 

Happiness is being grateful. 


I'm putting Little Boy Brown on my list and looking forward to seeing your amaryllis. You've composed a truly wonderful list and I especially like your reminder that happiness comes from within.

True happiness is in the simple things. You've found that.

Lots to be happy about there. :)

I'm all for a happy list and yours is wonderful. Happiness for me is quiet in the morning, coffee, pen and notebook. Writing my thoughts out, a good book to read, walks with Frodo as well as snuggles. Dinner out with the hubbie and phone calls from the kids.

Great list! But I knew blue sky would be at the top of the list if you had it! :)

There are lots of things to be happy about on your list. I love seeing that blue sky! Ours are kinda grey this time of year in New England.

what a perfect post to start a tuesday -

A list for happiness made with wisdom. Here's to more time off with Smith!

Happy-happy-happy! Love it all, Margene! XO

#10 says it all! We are fortunate folk. So much to hear from you ahead! xo

Oh my my my my!! I cannot wait to hear more about that Alabama Chanin project!!!

Yay for happy days with your fella!

I felt the happiness as I read you post....going to look at the book for a future TBR pile Happy Tuesday!

Your list is awesome and #10 is the best of all!

Lots of happiness all around you! Can't wait to see these new projects out in the light and on the blog.

Wonderful list. You are twice blessed for recognizing your happinesses.

Indeed, happiness is being grateful for what you have. Wise words.

well darn it - I was just going to type what Claudia said - and that makes me think that you, my dear Margene, have wise friends :-) (and great hobbies, a wonderful husband, and fabulous views....which shouldn't make any of us *un*happy!)

It sounds like you also have the gift of gratitude!

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