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I'm not sure anyone is around on this long winter weekend, but let's get back into this game of blogging with a review of my list of intentions. Even though it's only been a couple of weeks I think I'm doing well.

Why not start at the top with #1: Friday night I did a little shopping and picked up a few things needed to do my own fancy manicure (ala Claudia). Saturday, in preparation for a clear Sunday morning, I did all the laundry and cooking that needed to be done. Sunday, I sat down and went through each step needed to create my beautiful new manicure and ended up with a not-too-bad job of blue nails.


However, I did freak out not think the look was quite "me", so I took the color off and I'm now sporting only a clear coat on my nails. Claudia suggests a more subtle color until my eyes get used to seeing something on the nails.

Second on the list: As to writing notes, I have been doing just that almost every day. I write to friends or family and send notes or cards, plus I also send out postcards via Postcrossing. It's been great to see postcards in my mailbox from the far reaches of the globe and to send out picture postcards of the beautiful Salt Lake Valley.

The third: Reading, I am reading, reading, reading and I've already finished 5 books for the year. The Miniaturist is one many of you will enjoy if you're a fan of historical fiction. Euphoria was just ok, but I enjoyed Bright Wings and American Pastoral. I've started The Sparrow, which may end of being my favorite read so far this year.


Four: I have been falling short on moving my body, as the weather has been wet and wetter, then inverted and miserable. The morning we were fogged in, I walked around my half mile circle a couple of times (photos were the motivator). So, I've made plenty of excuses and, from now on, I plan to get my move on everyday.

A Fifth: As to drink more tea, I am not falling behind on this intention and  have had a chance to meet up with a couple of friends. This is my favorite of all my intentions for the year.


Six: I may not be able to grow many veggies at the moment, but we are having a good time going through catalogs. Orders are being placed and lists are being made for future orders. The gardening time gets closer each day and within weeks we could be using Smith's new greenhouse.

(Yes, he and his buddies have been building a community greenhouse during this mild winter). Mild winters are not good for garden season, however, as I see a bug infested year.

7th: Hugs, hugs, hugs. Thank you for accepting my hugs and for giving them back. You can count on me for a hug any time. I'm all about giving people hugs, but only if they don't have a cold. Too many people I know are under the weather.

Eight: I'm smiling, or trying to keep smiling during the cold, wet, crummy weather we're having. BUT, I say "Thank You" every chance I get!

Number Nine: Every day I try to do a little something on one of my projects, but some days there just isn't time. Every stitch I make moves me closer to a finished  project and it also calms the mind. It's the calming I need, as my days have been busy.

And, as for The Tenth: Trying to be more me, accept me, well, that's the hardest of all the intentions. I am working on me every day.

So, how have you been during my little blog break? I hope your intentions have been going well and that you've stayed healthy.


The Habit List app that I started using has really helped me with my intentions for the year. I have used it to track my progress with learning Spanish and going to the gym and planking every day. It's a great reminder and works very well for my competitive nature. I'm glad you feel like you are making progress, too!

You're off to a great year, Margene! I love the blue nails -- they make me smile -- and I agree with Claudia. You need to adjust to seeing a bright color on your fingertips. (It's a great skill to be able to give yourself a manicure.) The gardening and seed catalogs get me through the long winter, that's for sure! XO

love the nails and yes it takes getting used to the shock of color :) I've been reading more and I am quite happy with the time I'm carving to do it!! Have a great weekend :)

I admire your honesty in working your list. I'm aiming for a monthly review of mine; that will give me a couple more weeks to take some positive action! Your daily notes and postcards must be brightening mailboxes and lives all over the world!

I hardly ever paint my fingernails... I'd be shocked, too! I love it, though!!

I declared no specific intentions but I've found a Word (even though I didn't intend to), I've been tidying like mad, I'm making decisions about long-dormant projects (am this >< close to finishing one that's 10yo), and have already written/sent more cards and notes of various types this year than I have in the last (probably) several.

I'm like you on number four...I need to get back to the gym. I had a bad cold with a horrible cough and missed the first week of the year. This week I have no excuse except for not getting up in the morning. I belong to a great gym at the univ. in town, but the hours are early, 5:30-7:30am! I AM going on Monday!

That was an awesome painting job! With some practice (and the right starter colors) I know you can grow to enjoy a bright color on your tips. Its a guaranteed mood booster for me to look at my hands and see something colorful or sparkly.

You should have kept the nails...very well done and cute besides! Eventually you'll like the bright colors. :)

Blue nails always makes me think of lack of oxygen. But that is just me.

My word has permeated my days, and it is good.

I have the same reaction to blue nails as Laurie!

Oh, I loved The Sparrow, way back when I read it.

I use the blue shade that matches my Timex running watch. Blue also reminds me to drink water throughout the day. I use green to remind myself to eat greens!

It has been so inspirational to read everyone's intentions for this new year. Hugs and smiles and being more you are great aspirations.

P.S. call me old fashioned, but I can't go with the blue nail polish!

Glad to see that you have been working your list, and that it is bringing pleasure. I gave up on nail polish a while back as it never stays on my nails long enough to justify the work involved, but I love a good manicure on others. I, too, have been working on sending out notes. It helps foster my gratitude. You and Smith have fun "garden dreaming". It will be spring before you know it.

Oh, my. I love your blue nails. Mine are French Manicure right now. I have the intention of taking more time with my appearance. I may be gray and invisible to the world, but I refuse to be gray and invisible to myself. It's hard to get outside in the winter. So dark. I have noticed that the sun is rising a bit earlier and setting a bit later these days. YaY!!! I have been writing my aunt who is the last member of my mother's nuclear family and my favorite aunt of all time. And, seeds? That's optimism. I'll check on that in February. So good to hear from you again. And, hugs and pittypats from here!!!

welcome back! I finished Flavia DeLuce #2 today and I'm wanting something a bit more...challenging as my next listen, Not too challenging mind you...but a bit. any recommendations? wish we were meeting up for tea instead of chatting over our blogs!

I love your blue nails! Nail polish doesn't last long for me since I wash my hands a billion times a day, but I still like it. I like your list of intentions.

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