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Happy, Happy New Year, friends!! Here it is a fresh new year, all dusted off from the trappings of 2014. 2015 looks good on you. 

How do you introduce a word, THE one word you want to keep in your heart and mind in the new year? There should be a drum roll, the rising of a curtain, or a black cloth being pulled off with a flourish. But, the only thing I can do on the blog is to declare my word for 2015.

My word is "OPEN".


My word reminds me to open my arms and dance like a wild woman, as my life should be full off all I can receive. I need to open my heart, open my mind, be open to new challenges, be open to beauty, be open to opportunity and ideas, be open to love, be open to being, open to life, and positive action.

I'll keep this word as my mantra, keep it in my heart and say it aloud to myself when I need to hear it. My arms are flung wide to see what they can bring in today. 

Happy 2015, friends!!


Happy New year, Margene! That is a great word!

Open--great word and great lifestyle!

Happy New Year! I'm working with a group planning a retreat for Feb. and the theme we chose is "Open". What a great word for the new year!

What a fabulous word, Margene! Still open to adventures, new experiences, all that the world offers. I think this is such a great way to start the new year. Happy New Year to you and your great attitude!

Oh, I can't WAIT to see how this unfolds in your new year! Such fun! Best of the New Year to you and M.

Open! How wonderful. And, I love the picture you chose for the first representation of open in 2015. May this year bring you health and lots of happiness.

This is a wonderful word for you and I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out for you this year.

Happy New Year!

a perfect word for a wonderful New Year :)

Perfect word, Margene! XO

That's lovely. You're always ready to embrace when you're OPEN.

Great word! Happy New Year!

Great choice! I hope 2015 is wonderful for you! :)

What a great word! with lovely intentions. and a truly fabulous photo! All the best for 2015, Margene!

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