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Weekend Milestone

Friday Letters

Paula has the good idea of writing letters to share a rundown of the weeks happenings. This may become an ongoing feature of several of the blogs I read. 

January morning

Dear January-

I am disappointed in you. Yes, you have given us many beautiful days with above normal temperatures and it isn't that I don't enjoy the warmth and the sun, but honestly, don't you think you could give us a little more snow and some freezing temperatures? The insects you haven't killed are going to make gardening a nightmare this year!

Dear Postal Services in China and Russia-

Please be more timely and efficient when delivering the mail. Postcrosser's are waiting with anticipation for a postcard to arrive in their mailbox and you seem to be taking your time. Please don't lose the cards.

Dear Manicure-

Who knew I'd like you so much? Shell We Dance is just the perfect shade of pale, but more than that, my nails feel like they've been to finishing school. They are properly cared for and dress up nicely without being showy. My nails feel strong and beautiful, which is a complete turnaround from they way they've been the last few years. Thank you and thank Claudia!

Dear Smith-

Thank you for the little love note you packed in my lunch yesterday. It was a lovely surprise to open my container of carrots and find "I love you" on a sticky note! You're the best and I love you back!

Dear TGIF-


Dear Blog reader-

Who would you write a letter to?


These are great! And right now I would write a note of thanks to the Boston MBTA for having excellent updated information on their website. Makes a traveling girl's life much easier! Have a great weekend!

Dear Vacation,

It won't be long now and I can't wait to see you!!

Love, Vicki

(Teehee. Happy Weekend, Margene!!)

Dear Margene,
Thank you for these wonderful letters. They make me smile. Have a fun weekend!

Dear January,

While I know that you are throwing us a Nor'easter at us tomorrow, do you think you could give us a decent January thaw so the now completely frozen earth from the septic pump chamber can be put back where it belongs? I'd be forever grateful.



Dear Margene,
Paula's idea is great, and you've taken the idea and run with it by writing excellent letters! While I can't slip these in an envelope, I am sending you lots of positive snow and cold temperature thoughts, along with wishes for a wonderful weekend!

This bit of whimsy made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

(I like Manise's.)

Aww, Smith!

I think our two week+ stretches of sub-zero temps will take care of most bugs... I hope.

I'm so glad you didn't give up on nail polish! That is a pretty color. Currently my nails are OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

I'm really enjoying all these letters... especially yours to Manicure. I wonder if she might like to be my friend again, too? (we used to be so close...regular meet-ups...but not so much these past few years) Happy Weekend!

Your letters are upbeat and full of gratitude. Mine would be a little on the snarky sidenat the moment. I know! I know--the point is gratitude.

I love your letters! So glad that you are keeping the manicure. :)

Awwww, that Smith. Great writing prompt and I think I will try it on my blog, too!

loved the letters and who knew they could be so much fun to read!

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