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In the Sun

At Rest, For Now


The garden sits at rest even though the temperatures have been above normal and the winter lackluster. The few stalks that remain are mere ghosts of their former selves. The wheelbarrows are in repose, waiting, ready, wanting to be used.


On days when garden catalogs are not enough, a gardener, or two, can be seen in the walking along the pathways, wistfully dreaming of the spring planting season,  summers warmth, and autumn's bounty.


Smith and a buddy have been spending their extra time working on various projects in the garden, but at the top of the list has been the community greenhouse. Last fall they framed in the structure with PVC pipe and during the warmer days of winter, they've covered it over with plastic. On the day they finished I walked inside to find the humidity high and the ceiling covered with "dew" drops.

Smith in greenhouse
Last week Smith set old pallets, and our old carport garden box, inside to use as shelves to hold planters and flats. Over the weekend they were raised up to table height. Other gardener's are starting to drop by and check out the new space and excited to use it.

With the warm weather and the growing sunlight, gardeners are starting to turn their thoughts towards spring and a planting season that is less than 7 weeks away. Soon this place of quiet will turn from its rest into a bustling, greening spot with hopeful gardens of early sprouts. A gardener's motto is often, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!".


A greenhouse will extend the planting season, right? As in, you can start plants in there before moving them outside? I'm woefully ignorant when it come to this gardening business.

It is so exciting to see the greenhouse in all it's finished glory! (It was just a bunch of PVC pipe when I visited in late September. . . ) It is GORGEOUS! How exciting for you and Smith and all the gardeners. We've had a bit of a thaw this week, so I can see the ground in patches here and there again. It makes me eager to dig in!

Hard to believe that is soooo soon! I currently can't believe that the 30+ inches of snow will ever disappear!

Your garden photos are very inspiring, and give hope! We just got 30" of snow yesterday and are digging out from that. Another few inches expected on Friday, and 8-12" on Monday. So it will be awhile for us, and it's so lovely to see your garden, even resting.

Smith's green house gives me hope! The green house fairy hasn't yet brought me one, so my seeds are started indoors under lights, but it's lovely to see a reminder that spring will return soon. I wish I could send you some much-needed snow and cold as a thank you.

I can feel the potential energy just waiting to burst forth! can't wait to see what your garden take shape this year!

The garden looks so nice and tidy, even at rest. Love the new greenhouse.

You might be interested in Winter Sowing. I planted 10 mini greenhouses (gallon plastic milk jugs) last week and will do about 20 more in the coming weeks. Also getting a walk in greenhouse this spring. January Gardening Fever is contagious, but no vaccinations are required.

That's pretty cool!

Seven weeks! Yikes!

Your post inspires me to be a better gardener! That green house is just wonderful.

we are no where near gardening days I think, but I love the blue skies and the possibilities in your post. Lovely :)

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