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TBW-Merry Christmas!

This picture always threw me off, as I was sure I remember our "first" house very well. Everything was wrong, the windows were in the wrong place, the chair was in the wrong spot, and why was the stenciling in the window facing in? Mom would have made sure it faced out so everyone on the outside could read it. 


I finally realized the negative had been flipped in production because the tech (someone in 1955) could read the words. It was when I thought to flip the picture back (through the power of today's technology) that the room of my memories fell into place.

On the very edge of the photo, laying across the back of the chair, is my new Christmas skirt. My new doll, a ballerina doll, sits in the stroller next to the chair. Dad built the doll house, telling us the whole time it was a train station for his railroad. 

Christmas 1955

I was 5 and my sisters were 2 1/2 and 8 months. Christmas was quiet and there was time to play with new toy, try out new crayons (the big set), and talk to my new doll.


My skirt was black wool with a gold and red flower design and the sweater was Christmas red. My memories of this day bounce around, as I remember clearly the hassock that held the vacuum, the wooden nut bowl, the chairs and the drapes. I loved running and sliding on the new hardwood floors. The memories of my 5th Christmas are strong and clear.

Happy Christmas, friends! May you make happy memories that stay with you always. 


Oh, there's nothing like sliding around on hardwood floors! There was one room in our house that required regular waxing and it was SO slippery after a fresh application.

Wonderful holidays memories! So enjoying the photos.

Happy Christmas to you, my friend, and to Smith!!

Oh yes the nut bowl, always a popular item in my childhood too. The chair looks quite familiar as well, along with the Glass Wax!
So nice to have those memories, thank you so for sharing them and helping to refresh some old ones here too.
Wishing you another a wonderful holiday full of great memories.

Merry Christmas to you too! I love your sweet photos and remember my mother using "glass wax" to stencil Christmas greetings on our front window.

I love these photos - thank you so much for sharing them here. Merry Christmas to you - make good memories!

Isn't it funny what you remember and what you don't? At least your memory was proven correct with the flipping of that negative! Ah the miracles of the modern "darkroom". Have a wonderful day and eve.

Merry Christmas Margene to you and to Smith. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing few days ahead. xo

Another wonderful look back into Christmas past. I love all the details - that full crayon pack surely provided hours of fun! Merry Christmas, Margene!

What lovely memories. I recall my parents keeping something out in plain sight in the garage before my 5th birthday and telling me it was.... something else. It was a swingset for my birthday. Hard to imagine believing in people so completely that you/I could be fooled that way. But what wonderful surprises they were at the right time!

A perk into the past--fun memories!

See? Your memory is much better than mine. I can't remember last Christmas, much less any from when I was a kid.

How funny about the negative being reversed! It makes sense, of course. And how easy it is to fix it in the digital age!

Merry Christmas, dear friend!

Oh, wow, glad you were able to flip the photo back and make the past less confusing. :)

My mom had a wooden nut bowl just like that!
Hope you had wonderful Christmas Days.

I hope you had a good Christmas. All was merry and bright here. Looking forward to some updates on your reading and knitting and sewing after the holidays. I can just "feel" that chair on the back of your legs! We had one very similar on our hardwood floors.

My memories of Christmas as a child are not nearly that clear. I am impressed. Of course, we are of the same era and I remember getting many of the same gifts, but never a hand made dollhouse by my dad. My dad was a musician, not a handy type guy, so my Christmas memories are of my dad sitting at the piano regaling us with silly songs and beautiful carols. Hugs, grrl.

Such wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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