A Years Worth
If It Isn't Done Now

Christmas 1954


My sister is 19 mo. and I am four. Mom would have been pregnant with daughter #3, who will be born the following March. Some time in the next year Mom and Dad would build a new home. We were a growing young family, much like many other pre-war growing young families. I've many flash back memories of this happy time...my sisters, my home, my friends, my young parents, and the safe happy life they created for us. 

Life was good. It still is.


Thanks for sharing your memories. You haven't changed a bit!

How wonderful to have those happy memories, and to have photographs like this to remind you of them.

A darling photo of you and your sister! So nice to have those memories and the photos to go with them.

What a darling photo! That year was my first Christmas!

Cute! I wasn't even a twinkle in my mother's eye yet. But my sister was 5 months.

The surgical precision of your bangs! :D

I wonder if it was your Mom, at the photographer's side, who had your attention! So sweet! And Carole's right, you haven't changed a bit.

Wow, you are both little angels! Cute!

You remember a lot more about being four than I do! I always enjoy your #TBT photos and this is no exception. A very Merry and happy Christmas!

What a great photo, Margene! So very sweet . . . and Carole and Vicki are absolutely right: You haven't changed a bit! XO

What a wonderful picture. That was Doug's first Christmas also. Wishing you a wonderful holiday Margene!

I love my sister :) Have a very Merry Christmas!!

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