Craft Friday Declaration
The Day is Mine


Happy Thanksgiving, Margene. I'm thankful for your friendship and hospitality. I love seeing the garden pictures and the jays.

Just think how much garlic he could plant if he had that big yellow tractor! Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

It's been a quiet day because DH and I came home from vacation, both of us shortly diagnosed with bronchitis, his on the verge of pneumonia. Cancelled the labor-intensive family dinner, but did enjoy a pressure cooker Italian Roast Beef for the two of us. Best of all, there will be roast beef sandwiches and deviled eggs to enjoy the local college football game on TV tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Smith!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We saw temps up to 65 today!
Hope you had a great dinner.

I hope you had a good day. I did, but I'm exhausted now.

Happy Turkey! That is so Smith.

Oh, that's fabulous! I hope you had a great day. XO to you both.

Happy Thanksgiving. I love that Smith spent part of it planting for future harvest...fitting!

It was cold here yesterday and now it's snowing! Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

I think we maybe hit +10F and there was snow.

Happy Thanksgiving, Margene. I hope you and Smith had a wonderful day, doing whatever you liked!

I want to hear more about homegrown garlic - I'm not sure I've ever tasted it, but I'm guessing it's delicious. Hope y'all enjoyed the rest of the day! (cannot believe the long holiday weekend is nearly over now!)

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