Daily Expectations
Not My Nature


I love that photo of Smith & the tractor! Very retro!

It very well could be just the thing...if you have a big enough garden! ;)

I think Smith is right - he looks perfectly at home with that tractor!

Smith looks good here, but he'd look better sitting high up on that tractor seat - plowing, discing, and planting the garden!

Toys for boys. :)

Smith looks,like,he was born for a tractor.

Yes, that's a match made in heaven!

I can picture him driving that thing!! :)

nice! Ours was somewhat sunny and cold, just the way I like it.

Of course he does. Has something to do with hormones.

Well, the weekend wasn't so bad, but there's snow on the ground now...

Ha! Boys and toys. Love it.

I love this photo of Smith and his tractor! (He definitely needs one!!!)

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