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September 3rd

Creatively Speaking

The focus of my creative pursuits has been knitting, with a little of this and that thrown in from time to time. I think about picking up spinning again, but the muse hasn't arrived to call me. Lately, knitting has been taken the bulk of my leisure time, which goes for a premium, at the moment. 


However, some of that time has been eroded away with the addition of my smart phone. Taking pictures, and adjusting the photos for the best outcome, has offered me another way to be creative. Some of you have asked which apps I use to enhance my pictures and the app I find I use most is Snapseed, although I use it in conjunction with other apps, such as VSCO Cam, Instagram, and Afterlight. More apps are created for iPhones than for Androids, and while there are a couple of apps I'd like to have, I find, overall, I'm happy with my choice.


There is another road I've been enticed down, a bit of a slippery slope, so I hear, and that's the Alabama Chanin road. Hand-sewing isn't new to my repertoire, as I once considered myself an embroiderer, but embellishing clothing and hand sewing a garment together, wasn't anywhere on my radar. Vicki's projects were my first introduction to the AC style and my imagination was immediately captured. 

I held off as long as I could, but eventually had to give in as the attraction was too great. Instead of a garment, my choice was the already stenciled, cut and ready to sew market bag. The process has been enjoyable and rewarding. I'm looking forward to the next step of cutting some of the shapes so the bottom layer to shows through. Stay tuned.



Oh nice. That Alabama Chanin thing is very slippery, and fun. Each stage of the project is interesting.

As Mason-Dixon Kay has said, Alabama Chanin style of sewing pushes many of the same buttons that knitting does!

so pretty and so red! love that we evolve and change and with it so does our interests. That's as it should be!

I love the colors too! I can't wait to see the project. If I didn't have 4 rooms to paint and potentially 10 windows worth of curtains to make over the next few months I'd consider joining you! (Want to trade projects?:-) )

I love those 2 colors together!! I have been spending less time on social media so that I can squeeze in a little creative time too. It's amazing how much of a time suck that has become in our already busy lives.

I love what you are doing!

I am anxious to see your market bag! It's great that you have been able to find some variation in your creativity. It will make knitting feel fresh when you go back to it.

I'll be really interested to see how that bag comes out! Good for you, learning so many new things this summer.

Creativity comes in all forms and it's fun to explore new ways of creating. Thanks for the camera app recommendations.

I got hand-sewing out of my system by making hand-pieced quilts, so I can't imagine jumping back into it. But I'm sure your bag will be wonderful.

i saw this in person, it is lovely

Ooooh a bag eh? Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Oooo! Cannot wait to see your market bag! (And I will resist going down THAT particular path myself - at least for now when I've got so many other want-to-dos happening!)

Looking forward to seeing your bag! I like Snapseed. I like Pixlr a lot, too.

My blog pictures are all done on my pc, with IrfanView and Picasa. Wild times, wild times.

I so enjoy watching you girls stitch away. Your color choice(s) are lovely - there's something about red thread that makes me happy! (curious what app you used for the collage - it looks great!)

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