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Carole brought up a good question for ToT this week by asking which 10 patterns we'd be willing to knit again. There are very few patterns I've knit more than once, as a trip through my Ravelry projects will attest. However, I have considered knitting a number of sweaters and shawls again.

Some sweaters no longer fit, or didn't fit right the first time, and I (now) know what to do to make the second one fit better. There are any number of shawls I loved the process enough to knit it a second time, but that being said, it's unlikely any of them will be reknit. I like looking forward.

First, and foremost, I'd make more Ragtops, and I probably will. I love the Ragtop pattern and wear every pair I've made or have had given to me. They're warm, multitasking mitts that fit almost any winter need. I've worn them over the top of gloves and by themselves. I love my Ragtops. LOVE them.


Second, I'd knit another Germinate, as I've worn the one I made almost every day since it came off the needles. In fact, I'm considering colors as I type.

Third, I'd love to knit another Twist as the one I have is a little too large and, if it fit, I'd wear it year round.


The forth item I'd be willing to knit again would be Cleite. I love the shape, the process of knitting, as well as the wonderful yarn I used, which was Kim's Opulence, a favorite! This time I'd keep it for myself.

Fifth, I'd willingly knit another Foglifter, as it is a great fitting shawl and very versatile. I made it in a sport weight yarn and would love to have one to wear in a lighter weight yarn. The first I gave away.


I'd also knit, for my sixth choice, Tempest, which ended up being a bit too short for me. I'd make the bottom stripe longer so I could move around without  pulling up over my jeans. This one also was given away.

The seventh item on my reknit list might be Blue Whale, although the color and yarn I used, String Theory's Handdyed in Shale, would be hard to beat.

Eighth...I've though about knitting another Lily, as I enjoyed wearing her while I had her. She met an unfortunate incident with the dyer and I've mourned her ever after. She was fun to knit the first time, so a slog wouldn't be involved. 


Nineth, I would consider knitting another Hayward, as I like wearing the one I have.

And, tenth, I might knit another Fortnight for Smith. He likes his very much and another might make a nice gift this winter. In fact, this one may go into the queue.

BUT FIRST! I want to knit Cactus Flower. The colors I have are gorgeous and I'm making good progress. Stay tuned for the NEW.


What a great list and great look at your lovely Ravelry projects. Favorites are great, but I'm looking forward to your Cactus Flower!

Excellent list of repeats. Have you started Cactus Flower yet? I'm hoping to get going on it this week.

I agree with so many of your choices (and . . . the fact that you like "looking forward" when you knit; me too!). I think you can never have too many pairs of Ragtops, and I've been thinking of starting another pair. (Yeah. It's that chilly here.)

I'm casting on for my Cactus Flower TONIGHT!

Yay for another Germinate!

I have knit so few things more than once. Socks and half mitts, and that's it.

loved reading your list of must knit agains. The blue and brown shawl is stunning :)

Ragtops! It will soon again be time -- though, I hope it's not TOO soon. I love those mitts.

Great and varied list. I have only repeated a few knits- Ishbel, Norie, Palindrome, and a few baby sweaters.

Great patterns. Lovely knitting.

So many great patterns!!!

Beautiful projects!

love your list...especially all the stunning shawls. and Hayward. I want to knit that one for myself!

I've got to knit a pair of ragtops for this winter. Great look at some wonderful projects Margene! Those shawls are gorgeous.

I've always thought that Twist looked fine on you - and besides, oversized is in. I'm sorry to hear of poor Lily's demise.

Hayward, Fog Lifter, Ragtop --- I've already knit all of those more than once. If you want your Fog Lifter back, it's right here in my office. I wear it every day.

Great list! I've made two Germinate's and brought them both with me to knitting camp to show the difference when you change the colors. I kept two colors the same but changed the order.

I love your Tempest! It does't look too short to me, but I know what you mean about wanting your waistband to stay covered at all time, by all means :-)

Lovely projects. So many new ones to try! Hard choices.

Hmmmm...that is an interesting topic. I like your list, not only because of the lovely patterns, but your reasons, too. I hope your Cactus Flower is continuing nicely. xo

Wow - what a great list! I generally don't knit the same thing twice either, but I can see why you'd be tempted with the ones you've highlighted!

Oh, I LOVE your list -- so many new patterns! I've knit Fog Lifter two times -- both were gifts -- I have to knit one for me!

Nice list! I added Ragtop, Lily and Hayward to my library!

But what about Sprossling? I love that sweater!

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