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Instead of Weekending, I'm going back to Thursday night when Smith and I took a little road trip to Logan, a town about an hour and a half from SLC. The drive isn't very picturesque until the last 20 minute, when the canyon is filled with farmland nestled into little dales.


The reason we took the trip was to meet up with a friend who lives in Grand Junction, who had driven her 50 year old car to a vintage car rally in Logan. She's 10 years older than me and drives a 1964 Corvair, no air conditioning, no power breaks or steering, and no "juice", miles and miles just for the fun of it.  She's an inspiration. May I introduce Jean. 


She's the first person I ever met on the internet and we've been friends since 1998. It was 10 years ago I drove to visit her and blogged about it here. The next year I drove to Grand Junction again and, once again, shared the trip in a blog post. Th

This time she came to Utah and Smith and I had a chance to meet her son (who drives his own 1963 Corvair) and his family. We all went to dinner and chatted for hours. You might notice she has a wounded hand, but it doesn't stop her from doing the one of the things she loves, driving her vintage car. Like I said, she's an inspiration and I was very happy to see Jean again. 

Cache Valley PPP2light

As Smith and I drove home I took a picture of the sunset, but as you can see, I didn't capture much of the color in the sky. The subject of the first Big Picture photography lesson was light and I knew the sunset would give me a place to start. 

Cache Valley PPP2light snapseed

Given the tips on apps, and learning a few tweaks of the subject, I was able to create a more dramatic photograph. I'm playing around and trying a few other tricks to enhance my photos. 


The class has given me a little more understanding of what apps might work to create more interesting pictures than what I'd get on my own. The Big Picture Photography Project is going to be a blast. 


I'm so glad you got to meet up with your friend - sounds like a really fun night! And your pictures look great, can't wait to see what comes next!

What FUN! (And, really. Corvair. Plus DICE! Most excellent! Jean must be awesome!) Your photos look stunning! Can't wait to see more of your photo-tricks.

Wow, Jean is hardcore!! :)

Yay for learning about playing with your photos. If you ever want to see the before pictures of any cat photos I post, let me know. It's 95% enhancement.

Hooray for Jean! I remember those Corvairs, and she is a brave woman. I think your sky pictures look very dramatic and beautiful. Glad your class is going so well!

Sounds like a fun time! :)

Jean sounds like a very interesting person and your photos are wonderful! I can't wait to see more in the future.

Jean is so full of life! She is showing the way to the rest of us.

the internet is a blessing in so many ways, I love how you two have remained fast friends for the past decade. Lovely story!

what fun! love that you were able to meet Jean and her son (and his family!) AND that you're enjoying the phone photography class! I have yet to log into the classroom but look forward to catching up later this week. your phone photos are GREAT!

I got to borrow a Corvair for a few months. I loved it! You're doing great with the photography - I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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