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Saturday my mother's family had their annual reunion, which is the only time I see anyone on her side of the family. Her younger brother is now 81 and is doing quite well. It is by his doing the reunion happens at all. (Mom would have been 84 this year).


My grandfather worked for the Rio Grande railroad and was involved with the retirement center in his golden years. When the center closed he "inherited" an old bingo set, complete with the cage and balls need to call a large bingo game. We play evey year.


My card was an unlucky one, as I never came close to winning a game. It matters not, as we had a great time.

Sunday a quick rainstorm blew through the valley and left its signature, a double rainbow. I only caught the last little bit of it. The rain washed away the heat for the rest of the day and I happily threw open all the windows to the breeze.


The storm blew away all the smoke had filled the valley from fires to our north. Monday's sky was as clear as a bell.


But, by afternoon another wildfire had flared up and filled the valley with smoke once again.


I like the way the sun is reflected in all the cars in the photo, but the evening light was filtered with a golden haze, and the day ended with an eerie yellow glow.


Here's hoping for more Bingo, rainbows, and clear blue skies, and fewer wildfires.

I bet that bingo set is awesome and I think it's so fun that you all play at the reunion. Love your sky photos, always do, even with the eerie yellow.

Echoing Bonny's comment.

You live in a dramatic place.

We haven't had a reunion in ages. When we did have them it was fun to see all the cousins. I think everyone is busy now. Love the last photo the best :)

Bingo is so fun ;-) I never understood the power of the fires until I experienced one in Lander last summer - wow. Here's hoping they stay to the north!

I'm just sitting here chuckling over Laurie's comment.

The last photo is your best sky ever!

This smoke is killing me.

I love that first picture.

:( about the fires. It makes for dramatic pictures, tho.

Family reunions are always such fun -- but it really does take An Organizer to make them happen! So glad you've got one in your family! (Mine, sadly, does not have An Organizer. We only get together when there is a death, it seems.)

So sorry about the smoke. But it does make for an interesting scene. Beautiful shots , Margene. Hope the smoke clears soon!

Margene, what fun! Lucky you, I don't have hardly any extended family left. I guess that can be a double edged sword, but we humans always want what we dont' have! You are getting very good at composing a photo.

How wonderful to have a family reunion. complete with bingo! loving all the summer/sky photos, too. Hope the skies have cleared. Wildfires isn't something we have here (and that might be the first good thing I've ever said about humidity!)

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