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July 16, 2014


That is gorgeous and perfect for you in those shades. I blogged about mine today, too!

Stunning grays! Those are perfect colors for you Margene. Down to the bind-off on mine after ripping out the last 2 rows repeatedly.

I saw it in person, it is lovely, and will most likely be worn daily. The photos are wonderful especially against the white shirt

This is just a wonderful post, capturing the whole process and not just the end product. That shawl is beautiful on you. Thanks for motivating me to participate!

Oh my. That is lovely.

Oh, it's fabulous! It was a wonderful knit-along project!

Of all the mystery shawls, yours is my favorite. I love, love, love the grays! It was fun knitting alongside some of my favorite people!


Your shawl is lovely!

Epic shawl. Wow.
And oh so clever post title. :-)

You expressed the trepidation about knittingma mystery perfectly. You also demonstrated how rewarding a mystery can be.

Stunning, you both look beautiful. I love the color and the design, lovely pairing.

What a great use of gradient yarn - love it! :)

It came out great, and I think the colors in your set were perfect.

It was fun project to knit together. I wear mine every night when I sit on the patio.

I love that shawl, and you are quite pretty in it :)

This is truly lovely, and it looks lovely on you. I'm glad you had a fulfilling knit!


I wasn't worried about the mystery part of the knit along because I love gradient yarns, and I love so many of Kirsten's patterns.

I'm enjoying seeing the finished shawls and all of the different colors that were used.

I loved following you . . . down the gradient hole! The mystery knitting was such a treat (after all my woes with Clue #2. . .). Like you, I trust Kirsten's designs and figured it would turn out beautifully in the end.

I love your shades of grey. Just stunning.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Such a delicate use of gradients. Love it!! Hugs, Grrl.

Love, love, love! It's a beautiful shawl Margene!

It's beautiful! I've had the mixed experiences with mkals, too, and this one is a winner. Your color choice is wonderful. You're so right about lace not revealing its full mystery until after the blocking. xo

beautiful! Kirsten's mysteries are always fun - this one has been my favorite though, I think because so many of us did it together (and of course because the finished piece is just so pretty!)

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