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As it turns out, I stayed true to my word and stopped by to see Parley P. He stood majestically overlooking the canyon named in his honor.  It was a little surprising to see a stone with the names of Parley's wives etched into it. Wife number seven, Sarah Huston, is my g-g-g-g-grandmother. ETA: Some comments asked about the last wife who did not take the Pratt name. Parley and Eleanor have quite a story, which includes Parley's murder! You can read more here.


From there, I drove a short distance to Sugarhouse Park, where I took a stroll through the tunnel that connects it to the business district to its west.


As I walked down the pathway into Hidden Hollow, I happened upon a bronze sugarbeet, which I found a tad surprizing. I felt like a tourist in my own town, as I didn't even know they'd saved Hidden Hollow, let alone there was a sugarbeet sitting in its midst. 

I took loads of pictures for my Big Picture Class, spent time with friends, as often as I could, and, when possible, spent snippets of time with Smith. We spent Friday morning weekend the garden for TWO hours, but rewarded ourselves with a lunch at our favorite tacqueria.

All in all, I'd say it was a good weekend and I'll share more about it as the week unfolds. 

Did you have a good weekend? 


It is a bit surprising to see a list of twelve wives, but I do love their names. I can't day that I've ever met a present-day Thankful, Hannahette, or Keziah. And a bronze sugar beet is also something you don't run into every day!

Twelve wives--it would be so interesting to know the dynamics of this household!

Interesting history. How come the last wife did not take his last name?

Whirlwind drive to Maryland and back to retrieve elder son and all of his college apartment belongings. Sunday was spent in the rain trying to protect my crops in the community garden from deer- makeshift fence made with tomato cages with branches around that section. 5 lettuces chewed to the ground Thursday and returned to find every beet save 4 pulled and eaten, tomatoes topped and any available tomato taken. Foot prints everywhere. Sigh. About to go now to see what last nights marauding brought. I fear for my cabbages. Sigh.

It's always fun to explore things right in your own community.

I wonder if I'm related to wife number three. . .

I had a very good weekend. Good for you for going to visit Parley! And I love that sugarbeet statue, it's really cool.

I wondered the same thing as Manise about that last wife.

Sometimes its really fun to be a tourist in your own town!

Interesting that the last wife is the only one not a "PRATT."

A bronze sugar beet!! Oh, I want one! :)

I don't think I've ever seen that statue, either. And definitely not the sugar beet.

Interesting history. And I do love that sugar beet.

It's always fun to find something right there -- under your nose -- in your own community! I love the sugar beet. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend -- you certainly packed in a lot of "fun" and "interesting"!!!

sounds like a super fantastic weekend! I love when you share the local history, then I can visit without flying in an airplane :)

My goodness, that bronze sugar beet! :D

What?! You haven't been to Hidden Hollow. It's a great success story. It was literally a dump when we moved here. But the swarms of bugs are maddening!
Oh, and there are more sugar beets next to the PetCo.

I love being a tourist in my hometown (even after living in Atlanta for 35 years there is plenty I haven't seen!) glad you made the trip and it certainly looks like it was worthwhile...plus taqueria! very fun!

One of my direct ancestors was Wild Bill Hickman, one of Porter Rockwell's cronies. He's got a, um, "colorful" history too. ;)

I like how playing tourist in one's one area can change perspective and offers the opportunity to learn. xo

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