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July 11, 2014


YAY for a smartphone! You might be interested in this workshop that starts next week
(I've signed up...took one last summer and learned a lot and had fun!)
Can't wait to see your shawl. All the FO's have been so pretty! Enjoy your sushi and the weekend!

We've been making ceviche. Yummy and easy.

i have eaten sushi only a few times--when I was withmsomeone who knew where to eat and what to order (and out of town to boot). I'd love to find an excellent sushi place where I live.

Yay for the smartphone and its camera! I'm so happy you are liking it so far.

I have great confidence in your shawl-photo-styling capabilities.

You'll love your smartphone.
Happy Weekend!

The phone can really be so fun. Lots of free apps out there to mix things up. Can't wait to see the shawl...my goal is to finish clue 3 by the end of the weekend! ;-)

"The shawl is gray, I'm gray and something needs to happen to make us look less gray." lol Fuchsia shirt maybe?

I barely use my camera anymore - my phone is generally nearby and it doesn't make the kitties instantly suspicious when I pick it up. Other than focusing and the occasional zoom or flash, I don't do much with the picture taking settings - I clean 'em up after.

I am such an old fogey. No smart phone here, and no plans for one. OK, I admit it, in some ways I am a luddite! I hope you enjoy yours to the fullest and learn all the bells and whistles.

once you have a smart phone you can never ever go back! Have fun always having a camera at the ready!

Hooray for sushi! And smart phones! And using the smart phone to take a photo of the sushi. Hint, hint.

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