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July 07, 2014


what gorgeous views (I can see why the bride chose that spot for her wedding!) and well-spent alone-time!

I am looking forward to some alone time this week; first time in a few months...of course I have Holly for company. I'm sure Moxie was with you in spirit!

This sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend, a balance of alone and together time, errands, fun, relaxation, reading, and nature!

It sounds like you had a perfect weekend, Margene! A little of all the things you like best! Silver Lake is stunning in EVERY season. It's always such a treat when you share your visits. XO

What a wonderful weekend! Beautiful photos.

I think it's funny that a bride is more rare than a moose! Alone time is good and it sounds like you know how to make the most of it but I'm glad you and Smith will have some time together soon.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! :)

Ah the joys of retirement...we can't entirely miss the once a year people, but we can avoid the weekends with the OAYP's and the locals! Sounds like an entirely pleasant weekend!

What a happy and positive post! I hope the massage helped the sore bits.

It sounds as though you had a lovely weekend. I love alone time. If you know what to do with it, it can be so restorative. Good to hear that you and Smith have another day off together as there is no substitute for spending time with your best friend.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Glad you had at least a little bit of time up at Silver Lake to enjoy the scenery and the weather!

Beautiful, rejuvenating weekend!

What a perfect weekend! A wonderful combination of things that make and keep us well!

look at your views and that mountain air! perfection :) When we were at Hilton Head combing the beach up popped a newly wed couple for photos on the sand. I thought it was beautiful! Wasn't expecting that though. Glad you had that much needed massage!!

I'm sorry you and Smith didn't have more time together over the weekend, but you certainly made the best of it. Silver Lake is gorgeous as always.

Sounds lovely! I hope you continue to have opportunities for the rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. xo

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