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Carole's asking about our favorite side dishes for ToT and as I think about what we like, I can sum it up rather quickly. Grilled veggies! We love grilling and we grill everything we can. We love veggies most of all! You never need dirty the kitchen nor heat up the house at this time of year.

1. Potatoes - foil wrapped or straight on the grill, tossed with olive oil and za'atar.

Round zuc

2. Zucchini - cut into strips, or as we do with our new favorite, round zucchini*, cut into wedges, tossed with a dot of oil and Aleppo pepper.

3. Carrots - whole or cut into halves, depending on size, spritzed with a bit of oil, with a little salt, pepper and cumin.

4. Eggplant - cut into half inch slices, spritz with oil, grill and serve with a yummy sauce. I love this one. My tip for you is to buy small, young eggplant, as they will be not be bitter.

5. Sweet potato - slowly roasted with a nice spicy chipotle sauce.

6. Onions - Cut near the top of the onion but not all the way through. Slip a pat of butter under the "cap" of the onion. Wrap the onion in foil and grill near not coals for 30 minutes (more for a large onion - time depends of size of onion).

7.Tomatoes - Not everyone likes a roasted tomatoes, but roasting brings out their sweetness. Search the internet for a recipe you like (I've tried several), but you can always brush with olive oil, before roasting, and sprinkle with fresh basil when you serve.

Garlic harvest

8. Garlic - Cut a full head of garlic in half, drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt. Wrap in tin foil and grill for 30 minutes, or until cloves are soft. It's delicious on anything and everything.

9. Green beans - cut vine end from the bean. Toss the beans with oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Thyme is very good one green beans, but try other fresh herbs you may have on hand.

10.Grilled fruit - Watermelon and pineapple are great to serve with dinner, but peaches and nectarines are wonderful for dessert. Slice and serve with ice cream or whipped cream. I don't bother with sugar, but your sweet tooth my beg to differ. 

*This is the worst year in the garden in 5 years. We have squash bugs, which are the bane of any gardener. My heart just sinks when I think of it. We've been squishing bugs between our figures and plucking eggs from under the leaves, but with nearly 50 gardens, the bugs have a huge supply of fodder. Sadly, we will have few, if any squash of any sort this year.



I love vegetables on the grill. Dale is not a fan but since I'm the one doing the cooking, well, you can imagine how that goes. I think those onions sounds wonderful and the garlic, too. Sorry about the bugs, that really stinks.

ooohh, I love all the grilling and roasting. and the herb and spice suggestions. must get more creative with my cooking! (I do roast cherry tomatoes with just a little salt and pepper; and use the pan juices as a base for salad dressing)... ugh about the bugs. just. ugh.

Nice ideas! I may steal a few of these. Except for the bugs. I have never grown squash where I didn't use the pyrethrin (or whatever that stuff is) sprinkled on the stems at the start. Clearly not organic, alas. My nemesis this year is rabbits. Eating me out of house and garden.

:( about the squash. Do squash bugs have any natural predators?

So sorry to hear about the squash bugs. I'm going to try that onion tonight if possible. Everything sounds so delicious Margene!

Oooh, yummy! These are great ideas, and simple (which is even better, in my book). So sorry about the squash bugs!

Some really great ideas! I buy a spice blend form a local vendor called "chipotle honey" that I use for roasting carrots and sweet potatoes. Sounds similar to some of your ideas. Now I'm hungry!

Your sweet potato recipe looks yummy!! Squash bugs uggh! I had to retire squash from my garden for a few years. This is the first year I have planted it again, fingers are crossed there won't be too many squash bugs. Nasty little critters!

You may be the Queen of Vegetables with your excellent ideas! The round zucchini are so cute (I had no idea there was such a thing!) but I'm very sorry about your squash bugs. We've used diatomaceous earth around the base of the plants to manage squash bugs. It helps, but you still have to pick bugs and eggs by hand, and with 50 gardens, it might not be worthwhile unless all your neighbors were also using it.

Such yummy grilled veggies! I'm hungry now. Sorry about the squash bugs. xo

Have Smith stop by my house this weekend and there will probably be some squash he can pick. Larry certainly won't eat it.

I am so sad about the squash bugs. Oh the heartbreak of gardening. :(

It has never occurred to me to grill a whole onion, but now I have to try it. Do you think it could work on a gas grill?

So sorry to hear about the squash bug invasion. Have you considered getting a local teen to help with bug/egg removal. Good luck. Wonderful suggestions for what to do with our summer veggie's.

Sucks about the squash bugs. I don't have them, but I only have one squash. :(
I'm definitely going to try that onion idea.

I drop them in soapy vinegar water. I also tear out the span of the leaf with the eggs and soak that. At the end of the season you should burn your plants. Nasty things.

we also like to grill asparagus. Almost any veggie is enhanced by grilling.

I think I'm hungry now! :)

Now you're making me hungry.

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