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Carole's ToT gave me pause. Yesterday was hectic and I had little time to think through what I wanted to say, but thoughts on thresholds were bouncing around my head all day and I couldn't shake them. What is a threshold? OK, well it's a entrance, a portal, a way into (or out of) something. We cross hundreds of thresholds a day, most without notice, and rather than show you all the doorways I walk through to go to work and back home again, I thought I'd be a little more esoteric.

1. Each day I cross the threshold into life. I get to wake up!

2. Each day I cross the threshold of choice: how to start the day? Joy? Hope? Love? Grumpitude? All of the above? 

3. Each day I cross a threshold of pain, into and out of, throughout the day. Most of my days are good, but on some, my back hurts too much or my joints ache...blah, blah. 

4. Each day I cross the threshold of doubt. Do I want a lunch today? And then I make one.

5. Each day I cross the threshold of desire. "Look at that beautiful handbag!"

6. Each day I cross the threshold of insight. "I really don't need another handbag."

7. Each day I cross the threshold of inspiration. "Hey, why didn't I think of that sooner?"


8. Each day I cross the threshold of guilt. I went for devils food. 

9. Each day I cross the threshold into home; love, warmth, and joy. 

10. Each day I cross the threshold into sleep. 

I am one grateful person. 


I love your take on thresholds and your ten wonderful ones. Your list will give me something to think about all day!

what a great way to think about your day! (and I totally would've gone for devils food, too!)

*heart* this

This is a great take on today's topic - I thought about doing something like this but I went more literal. I'm grateful you cross all of those thresholds every day and that you share them with us, too.

I love your "take" / version of thresholds!

Mmmm. Devil's food... :)

What a great list of gratitudes expressed in the thresholds of your life. Inspiring! Continue to live well!


What a beautiful post Margene! And the cupcake, well that is a threshold worth crossing!

This is exactly how I would have answered this question, had I sat down and put my half-formed thoughts into good order. Except you did it better.

I hope today is a good day for us both.

This is a very poignant and insightful post. Maybe an unexamined threshold is not worth crossing? tee hee

This is a wonderful approach to today's ToT. Every one of these is worth contemplating.

Those hand bags are never a matter of need. It is always a matter of WANT. And I usually want way too many!!!

Great take on the topic!

Beautiful. What a lovely portal you have led us though. Thank you.

Your threshold post is my very favorite! I love the way you think! XO


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