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July 22, 2014


I love your take on thresholds and your ten wonderful ones. Your list will give me something to think about all day!

what a great way to think about your day! (and I totally would've gone for devils food, too!)

*heart* this

This is a great take on today's topic - I thought about doing something like this but I went more literal. I'm grateful you cross all of those thresholds every day and that you share them with us, too.

I love your "take" / version of thresholds!

Mmmm. Devil's food... :)

What a great list of gratitudes expressed in the thresholds of your life. Inspiring! Continue to live well!


What a beautiful post Margene! And the cupcake, well that is a threshold worth crossing!

This is exactly how I would have answered this question, had I sat down and put my half-formed thoughts into good order. Except you did it better.

I hope today is a good day for us both.

This is a very poignant and insightful post. Maybe an unexamined threshold is not worth crossing? tee hee

This is a wonderful approach to today's ToT. Every one of these is worth contemplating.

Those hand bags are never a matter of need. It is always a matter of WANT. And I usually want way too many!!!

Great take on the topic!

Beautiful. What a lovely portal you have led us though. Thank you.

Your threshold post is my very favorite! I love the way you think! XO


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