Bottoms Up


~Three days off work and a five day weekend resulted in a luxury of time. 

~Wednesday we spent the day with Smith's brother and sister-in-law, as they took a long layover in SLC on their way from coast to coast. We hadn't seen them in nearly 5 years and we had a wonderful reunion. 

~The next day, between meetings, garden care, fitness, and other odds and ends, we had a nice lunch together and a delicious dinner at home. 


~Friday we did one of our favorite things, something we hadn't been able to do in a year or so...we went to Silver Fork for breakfast and I enjoyed my long time favorite, trout and eggs.



~We then took a walk around Silver Lake. The foliage around the lake is very green this time of year and the wildflowers are just starting to show up. We spotted a patch of shooting stars, with a few wild geraniums and bluebells popping up along the path.  


~Later that evening we enjoyed the company of friends and ate one of my favorite foods, sushi! It has, also, been awhile since I've been able to make it to my favorite sushi bar. 

~Friday was also a once in a lifetime occasion, as from the garden we watched the strawberry moon rise over the Wastach Range on Friday the 13th. 

~The garden is spectacular in the moonlight and I get a kick out of seeing my moon-shadow. The moon enjoyed playing hide and seek between the clouds, which made it all the more mysterious and awe-inspiring. 

~Speaking of mysterious, I was able to work on my Mystery Shawl and made it through clue 2 after a bit of back and forth knitting. 

~I admit to not paying much attention to the household things I needed to do. I will attempt to fit them into my busy week. 

Did you have a great weekend? I hope so!

Karen, of Pumpkin Patch, has taken over the Weekending series from Amanda and, she's off to a fine start. Many participants are posting their weekending fun in her comments. You can, too!



that all sounds and looks amazing! love seeing summer in your part of the differ t from mine but still full of green and new life...also delicious food! best wishes for a great week!

That sounds like a wonderful (and long!) weekend. Love your photo of the wildflowers.

Sounds like a fabulous minibreak!! Hopefully you are refreshed?

I can't believe its been that long since you've shared Silver Fork pictures! So happy that you were able to make a return visit.

I had a fab weekend with my sister's visit! I love that you had a super long weekend, every weekend should be that long :)

Hope you have an amazing week!

I love trout and eggs! The best place for it (that I've experienced) is Jackson Lodge in the Tetons. Now finding that breakfast closer to home will be an

Sounds just wonderful. How I would have loved to have watch that moon rise above the range. Here's to a great week ahead!

What a great weekend! I didn't know it was called a Strawberry Moon.

So glad you were able to have breakfast at Silver Fork again, as well as having such a nice weekend.

What a terrific weekend! Just packed with good-ness! I don't know I'm most envious of . . . the moon over the Wasatch Range, the wildflowers along the Silver Lake trail, or trout and eggs! Perfection.

Yum! Trout & eggs!!

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