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Thank you for your very kind thoughts about the passing of our dear Moxie. He is ever present in our lives. Every time I went to leave the house I thought about walking him and every time I came home I looked for him at the door. Even though he wasn't there, we tripped over him in the kitchen and, every time we went up or down the stairs, we stooped to carry him with us. He is with us in our hearts throughout every day and he will be forever, but it will take awhile before I stop seeing him in the corner of the eye. 


Tuesday Smith's nephew was in town for the day. We had a great visit and it was wonderful to see him, as it had been a number of years. Wouldn't you know the day he comes to town it was one of the coldest June days we'd had in 20 years? It was still cloudy when we went into the restaurant for dinner, but when we left the sky looked amazing. The mountains were snow capped, the clouds swept by cold winds through the blue.


By Thursday the sky was clear and the air was considerable warmer. The days have been slowly warming up since.  

I spent most of the weekend alone (Smith is working almost every weekend), but Saturday I had a chance to take a friend to lunch for her birthday. 


Lucky for me she loves sushi and, lucky for us, the sushi chef likes us. He made up a special sunomono (a non-traditional cucumber salad) in celebration. It tasted even better than it looked. 

The weekend was peaceful, quiet, and I accomplished a few tasks I'd been putting off. Not every weekend can be this way and I was glad for the slower pace, as my week is going to be busy and full. 

Did you have time to relax and enjoy some quiet time this weekend? 


ah, glad you had the right kind of weekend! I had some quiet time and I spent every second of it working on the Through the Loops Mystery (and I'm still behind!)

That salad looks fantastic! My weekend was busy but I got to relax yesterday and that ended it on just the right note.

Love that salad! Sort of like pick up sticks you need to lift off (and eat) each piece as you come to it.

My relaxation was both spending time in my community garden plot for 5 hours digging, amending the soil and getting my transplants in as well as trying to catch up on my TTL Mystery shawl. Yeah, I'm a bit late with the garden due to the knee surgery.

Glad you had a visit from your nephew.

I'm glad you had a restorative weekend, you certainly deserved one. I am looking forward to a good week, and I hope you are as well. I hope it is just the right amount of busy!

This weekend? Well, I certainly haven't spent so much time on my couch in a long, long while. ;-)

I did a lot stuff around the place, but I did relax on the rooftop deck for an hour Saturday afternoon, listening to Jeremy Messersmith play at Rock the Garden (outside at the Walker Art Center, 1/2 mile away).

I had a catching-up weekend that included some take-out sushi. It was really great -- but not as lovely or tempting as yours!!! I wish you and Smith much peace as you work through the missing-Moxie phase. It's so very hard . . .

Only just reading about Moxie today...so very sorry.

Amazing skies, amazing salad!

my weekend was nice and relaxing. I get sad thinking of Moxie. Missing a pet is just so sad.... lovely food!

We had a whirlwind weekend as our town celebrated the 250th Anniversary is grand style. Parade, fireworks, time with friends...all good. Zero knitting and still on clue 2! Glad you had a nice weekend.

So sorry to hear about Moxie. We know how it feels, it is four years since we had to say goodbye to our little Lucy and it still could be just yesterday. Thinking of you... xFiona

Dear Margene: I was so sorry to see your post about Moxie. Having lost Kobe, my golden child (retriever) three years ago, I truly feel your loss. May you find comfort in the days ahead knowing Moxie is free of pain and suffering. I do believe that all dogs go to heaven.

Jana F.

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