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Rock On, Yeah Man!

My intention was to skip Ten on Tuesday this week, but Carole really got me with the subject. I am of a certain age, the age of the greatest rock bands ever. I could list 50 bands and you'd all be envious, but I'll keep it to 10 (or so). Of course, if you're much younger than I am, you won't be the least impressed. 

1. Led Zeppelin- TWICE 1969 & 1971. The first time they came through town they were the opening act for Vanilla Fudge. We walked out on the Fudge. You know the rest of the story, as after that tour (a flop for VF) Zeppelin hit it big.

2. 1969-Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Although I like Neil Young, I prefer CSN over CSN&Y.

3. Mothers of Invention (Frank Zappa)-The show was INSANE and great!

4. The Rolling Stones - My first rock band love was for The Stones. I had all of their albums (but, I gave all my vinyl away).

5. Bob Dylan- This is my favorite song (officially).

6. Blind Faith (Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker) and various bands Eric Clapton  put together after the demise of Blind Faith.

7. The Byrds, Emmylou Harris, Poco, Arlo Guthrie, Flying Burrito Brothers

8. Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane & Starship, Greatful Dead, Janis Joplin

9. Aretha Franklin, BB King, Jimmy Vaughn, Santana, Robert Cray...

10. Ray Brown, Wynton Marsalis, Dave Brubeck, Dianne Reeves...

My regrets: The Doors came to town and I couldn't get a ride to the concert and Jimi Hendrix was here and I missed him, too. 

I've seen so many concerts during my lifetime I don't think I can even remember them all. My father took me to symphony concerts at a young age and I've loved music all my life. I like music in ever genre and have seen concerts in every genre. Mix it up, yeah man!


Oooooh, you have been to some great shows! I think I'm most jealous about Led Zeppelin.

I was going to post, then saw your list. Fuggedaboutit. I was younger, and not as mobile, but really motivated. And my list is NOTHING like yours.

I KNEW your list would be Most Awesome! I'm just swooning over here!!! (I prefer CSN to CSNY, too -- but Tom is a huge fan of Y.)

Wow! I mean, really. WOW!

It sounds like you are much more deserving of my fridge magnet "I may be old, but I got to see all the cool bands" than am I! :D

LONG LIVE ROCK & ROLL. Awesome list, Margene!! So cool.

Unfortunately, I've never lived in a place that attracted big names, and too far away from those that did. I had to settle for ROCK CONCERT and THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL on TV. :)

That is one crazy list! Doug saw Led Zeppelin I believe. I'd have loved to have seen Eric Clapton in any of those scenarios but am most jealous that you've seen Pink Floyd. ;-)

Wow! What a list! My fist concert was the Steve Miller Band in Seattle I the mid-70s. My husband saw LZ in the Seattle Kingdome, but I never did see them. He said it was really, really loud. :) Visiting via Carole's 10 on Tuesday,
Lisa :)

What a great list!!! You really have seen a bunch of concerts! The Stones must have been amazing...

Indeed, I'm envious of your list. I actually never saw many concerts during the golden years, and now there's not much that I'm interested in.

Add my name to the green-eyed crowd!

Wow! Your list is incredible. I'm definitely envious!

Wonderful list! I could have added a few of yours to mine - Emmylou Harris, the Stones, Arlo Guthrie - it was hard to cull!

This has to be the most amazing list of all! Any one of these is great, but put all of them together, plus more, and Led Zeppelin twice! WOW!

Thanks for the memories, Dear One.

When I saw Zeppelin Jethro Tull was the opening band. Jethro Tull was amazing!!!

Mine would involve lesser known acts at smaller venues due to my claustrophobia in crowds. But there were some nice flashbacks in your enviable list!

wow. wow. wow. I don't think I would've pegged you as a rock and roller! and that would've been wrong! what a wonderful - and lengthy! - list!!

I just saw Emmylou Harris last night. Fantastic.
Oh, and Aerosmith played a dance at my high school.

Hey, I didn't know you were so cool!! Not the first time, but again I wish I was in your local knit group ;) And, we could walk Schnauzers together! We are also GF together, so we could dine- you are a soul sister!

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