Walking the Dog
Bottoms Up

Moxie and Me


Our boy is still doing well, but while he seems happy and he eats and willing takes nice long walks, he is weak and frail. We walk around the neighborhood and he's walked upto a half a mile, but usually, We don't go quite that far.

We took a selfie, ala Mary and Holly.


You would be hard pressed to find anyone who would complain about the weekend weather. The mornings were cool and comfortable, the afternoons in the low 80s, near perfect I'd call it. I took a walk to Wheeler Farm, sans Moxie and bought a few things at the farmers market

Smith worked through the weekend, but Sunday night he was able to come home early. We had dinner on the patio, enjoying the last hours of light in the weekend. Moxie was by our side. What dog doesn't hope for his share of dinner? 

What was the highlight of your weekend?


so sweet - and great pedicure! glad you had beautiful weather to enjoy the weekend!

Beautiful weather. Sweet lil Moxie. I'm so glad you all got to enjoy the weather. And, my weekends are highlights. I can do what I need and want to do in the daylight hours. So wonderful!

That is a great selfie of you and the boy. And a really great pedicure! Did you get new sandals this year?

Awww, Moxie. :)

Initially it was supposed to be rainy all weekend, but most of yesterday was sunny and 70. Delightful!

That's a great picture! The highlight of my weekend was doing some knitting and quilting.

I had a very full weekend but the highlight was seeing my dear friend Tracy get married on Friday night.

Glad you all got to enjoy a nice dinner together.
It really was a gorgeous weekend.

we are back from vacation and we picked up Frodo yesterday. The kennel said he missed us :( now we don't want to ever leave him!! He is still sleeping recovering from the hoopla of the kennel.

So glad to hear Moxie is doing ok.
I gardened all weekend! :)

Moxie has it, for sure. Perfect weekend. Except that Smith worked too long. :)

Hugs to sweet little Moxie from New Hampshire!

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