We rarely go to movies and, in fact, the last time we were in a theater was Christmas Day. We have cable and access to the big movie streaming company, but we only use it to watch a few TV shows, sans commercials. The DVR is full and once in awhile we watch something we've recorded, but rarely do we watch a movie. During the summer months we're out of doors and, if I'm home alone, I never turn on the TV. You could say, I'm not a fan. I am a media dud.

The two movies I have watched over and over again are "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Bull Durham". Other than that....


Instead, I give you a picture of one of our at home dinners over the weekend, grilled chicken and garlic scapes. The scapes in our garden were pecfect for harvest and, if you don't know what I'm talking about, they are a finite delicacy, a bonus that grows from the hardneck garlic. Smith said all the garlic should be ready to harvest later this month. It's our fourth year for growing it and we've become big fans of our own garlic. 


On of the gardeners threw a wildflower mix into a unused garden plot and we now have a riot of color to greet us as we enter the garden. You can also see our raspberry bushes in the background. 

Even though I have no list of Ten, I hope you'll share your favorite movie. What do you watch again and again? 


I'm a real movie dud but I did just watch and enjoy "A River Runs Through It". I'd much rather look at your gorgeous garlic scapes, wildflowers, and raspberry bushes than any movie I can think of!

I like gardening better than movies - any day!!! Your garden is particularly beautiful, and I'd be tempted to stay for hours. As far as movies go, I do have several I can watch again and again -- and (as you already know!) Bull Durham is on the top of my list! Mmmmm. Enjoy those garlic scapes. So tasty!

Garlic scapes are fabulous! We don't watch as much tv in the summer, either, it's all about being outside and enjoying our deck!

I watch "The Wizard of Oz" every year because it is one of the most visually, and musically beautiful movies I know. Besides, even the Wicked Witch has a gorgeous gown!!!!!! Love the flower garden. What a treat!

Nothing. I'm not a movie fan either.

the garden is gorgeous! I don't think I've had garlic scapes, but I'll be on the lookout. in the movie department, I'll always watch You've Got Mail and Forrest Gump (huge Tom Hanks fan here!)

I do love garlic scapes. How long does it take to grill til they are tender?

One of the HUGE highway projects around here has a hillside sprouted with hundreds of blue lupines. Inspired! As is the unused garden plot full of gorgeous wildflowers.

I love movies but rarely get the chance to watch one. My list is pretty shallow - but I do love Ferris Bueller!

I haven't owned a TV for going on 25 years. I don't miss it. I go to movies a bit more often than you do, but try to go to my local theater as much as possible. We get first run movies about 2 weeks after everyone else (my town has about 9800 people). However, I go for the mindless escape movies; I saw How to Tame a Dragon 2 last night. One of my favorite movies is "Last of the Mohicans" - not sure how to explain that, except for Daniel Day Lewis...

Love the garden!

Some day I will have to try garlic scapes.
Those flowers are gorgeous, and add a nice touch to the garden.

The Princess Bride. I like the wildflower plot. I have violets growing in my plot in the early spring, but after that, I'm all fruits, veggies, and herbs. Maybe I should plant a flower or two, for some extra color...

It's hard to think about sitting inside right now! Especially if you've got a gorgeous vista to look at like that flower garden!

I can watch Out of Africa anytime, as well as a number of other classic movies. I think the best underrated movie I have seen in the last few years is A Better Life with Demian Bichir, and you already know I love the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I love a good movie, but they have seemed thin on the ground in the last few years. Maybe I am just getting old and crotchety.

I'm a sucker for romance movies...Notting Hill is one I can watch over and over!

Amelie. It's delightful!

I'm new to garlic scapes. This is my first year of being a part of a CSA & garlic scapes were in my first share last week. What's your favorite way to prepare them? Also, now that I know about them, I'm seeing them EVERYwhere!

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