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Bottoms Up

Carole's ToT request was for 10 Favorite Summer Beverages. The list came at the right time, as I need some new ideas to add to my repertoire. Smith and I have the next 3 days off (together!) and we want to relax, head to the mountains (picnic!), and general enjoy the luxury of time. Drinks will be a necessity, as well as an indulgence. I can't wait!

1. Water, cold and/or iced, garnished with nothing, or a variety of choices (mint, lemon, lime, orange, or strawberries (any berry). Use your imagination and enjoy the best refreshment known to man.


2. Ice tea-Tazo Lotus Blossom, good old Lipton black, Lemon Ginger Snap, or if I'm feeling regal, Royal Golden Safari. I have a big bunch of mint right outside the back door and a leaf, or two, is a nice garnish for almost any tea.

3. Cold white wine, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio.


4. Lemontini ala Terry.

5. Cheryl's hubby makes a very nice grapefruit "martini" and his latest is a watermelon "martini".

6. If I could (but a good one just isn't GF), an ice cold beer! If I must have a beer there are one or two GF beers that are ok.

7. Ice tea from Lone Star Taqueria, which is fruity, with just the right balance of sweet and bitter.

8. Sangria~although I haven't made it in years.

9. G&T (gin and tonic for you teetotalers). Tonic does something weird to me, so I no longer drink G&Ts but I do think they're super refreshing.

10. Fresh lime~another drink I haven't had in years, but as a kid this was a favorite of mine. It was a big deal in the 60s and 70s and I think it was a soda (Sprite or 7Up) with lime flavor, a fresh lime and, sometimes, a maraschino cherry as garnish.

Come on over! You're welcome to join me in a toast to summer!


I haven't been drinking at all this year, but the gf tap house is now open in St Paul. If Cheryl's out traveling this way again, she'll have to grab you a couple cans to try. :)

The Lemontini sounds yummy! I think water is still my very favorite - with a little lemon please. I'm going home tonight and having a drink for sure!

That Lemon Ginger Snap tea sounds wonderful. Have a wonderful three days off together!

Around here the big lime drink is a Lime Rickey - do you have those out there? They are tasty and even better with raspberry. Enjoy your time off with Smith! *clink*

All of these drinks sound so good! I just read about making mint concentrate and freezing it for quick mint tea. Knew I should have planted that mint! I hope you and Smith have a wonderful three days doing whatever takes your fancy in wonderful weather.

Oh, yes - the Lone Star iced tea!! We must go there soon.

Your list sounds delicious and I love your photos! I've planted mint every where I've lived and I think your frosted glass is stunning. I hope you have a whole set!

Stock the bar! I'm on my way!!!!

That lemontini looks delicious! Enjoy your time off together!

Ooohh, I'm going to have to try those teas! (have you tried Passion? it's sweet and sour and very refreshing when it's iced)

Have a wonderful stay-cation!

Have you tried the Omission GF beers that are available at the state liquor store? Best of GF beers I've sampled. Enjoy your time off!

I LOVE your martini glass and even more so because it has a lemondrop in it!

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