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Yay! It's May!


April was a big tease and I am very happy to see her as part of the past. (Not that I'm wishing my life away.)  Yesterday as I was walking Moxie my neighbor stopped to chat as she was leaving. She had a big smile on her face as she said "Look at us in our big puffy coats on April 30th.(It was hear freezing yesterday morning). The tulips are blooming, we have real snow (it snowed for a short time Monday), cottonwood snow and sun. Aren't we lucky to have it all?!"

I loved her attitude about our changeable, volatile spring weather. It IS spring after all and it's all good. Especially so, because the temperatures will be warming to 80 by the weekend and I'm ready for some extended warmth and sun. The garden is too.



Big puffy coats yesterday here too. And cold rain today. But there are baby ferns and daffodils, so it balances out. :)

Cold here yesterday, too, but there's warmth coming our way. And even though it's raining today it's not as cold, I don't know what Claudia is talking about. ;-)

Growing things! *jealous* It looks like we might see the sun again on Saturday, for the first time since last week sometime.

Cold here as well. What's up with this weather?! Happy May Day, everybody! We made it, so the warmer weather cannot be far behind.

Wow, those tulips are spectacular. I thought they were poppies at first glance. Love the photo.

I just had one of my Photojojo "time capsule" emails and saw that 82F a year ago yesterday was worthy of documentation (as was the 39F two days later) -- would have been even moreso this year! We've barely reached 60 yet, never mind 70 or 80! It sort of blows my mind.

Spring is the most fickle season! I need to keep reminding myself that cold-and-rainy is better than cold-and-snowy! (In MAY, that is.) Such lovely tulips.

Yes, I hear there is warmth coming! I'd love to see some blooms as well! Beautiful flowers Margene.

what a pretty photo! I remember "spring" in Wyoming often meant snow, and flowers didn't come til summer! but 80 degrees by the weekend...maybe summer is just around the corner. Happy Friday!

I am glad as well that May is here! Lovely flowers and glad to hear that Moxie is out and about loving life.

So true! I do not recall the first time I heard someone mention not wishing one's life away, but it really made me stop. I work to remember this. It is so refreshing to hear someone frame something so positively that is often viewed negatively that it reminds me of the choices I have in how I think about things. xoxo

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