A Garden Update
A Fair and Gentle Weekend


Watching~~The scrub jays fly off with peanuts I just set out for them. They hide them in my planter boxes and the rain gutters. Their not very particular, as long as the peanut can't be seen.

Reading~~Independent People by Halldór Laxness, the story of a sheep farmer in Iceland during the early years of the 1900s. He is a tragic hero whose pride drives him to believe in independence at any cost. This author not only fills this story with strife, sorrow, love, death, and poverty, but with humor, and descriptions that fill the heart. It is slow going, but rewarding reading.

Knitting~~Merle! I used Custom Fit to tweak the pattern to fit me. I'm in between sizes and didn't want it as relaxed as the orginal pattern.

Dreading~~I can't really think of anything I'm dreading at the moment. I know several people who have "stuff" going on, which makes me feel grateful for what I have.

Listening to~~everything from Sketches of Spain, to Gary Clark Jr., to Courtney Barnett's Avant Gardener. This year I plan to add to my jazz collection, as it's the music I love best. There's a bunch of new indie music I like, too.

Thinking about~~What I'm going to serve for dinner when Smith's niece and her partner come to visit Friday night. They live in Berkeley so we rarely have a chance to see them. It should be a great night.


Celebrating~~the sunshine! It looks like it will be warm enough to have dinner on the patio for the first time this year.

Planning~~To stencil my Alabama Chanin T-shirt this weekend (if time allows), because I can do it outdoors. My one worry is AC likes her T-shirts a little more snug than I do and I may have made a mistake by following her pattern.

Itching to~~bake the same muffins I baked last Sunday and found to be delicious! They exceeded my expectations!


Drinking~~Hess Chardonnay, but it's not my favorite. I'm a fan of a Sauvignon Blanc and think I'll stick to it for the summer. For the time being, I've given up my weekly shot of rye. My ulcers need more time to heal.

Needing to~~plan the grocery list for weekend shopping, and to figure out which nights we'll both be home for dinner next week.

Organizing~~my CDs and trying to get them digitized. It's a big job and one that gets pushed aside when time is short.

Inspired by~~The women on this blog. I'd like to have a little more style (albeit a more subdued style than the personalities on the blog). The women show that gray haired "older" women, usually invisible to many younger people (ask me how I know), can be beautiful, too. Seeing the varity of hair color on the models in the latest Wool People gave me hope.


Delighted by~~The time of year, the weather, the flowers, the sun.


Happy Thursday, Grrlfriend. Thank goodness you aren't dreading anything. Doesn't help anyway. Thanks for sharing so much good in your life today.

We've been able to eat on the deck twice this week and that makes me so happy. Keep it simple for Friday night so that you can relax and enjoy the visit and not be worried about timing for the dinner. You know Smith will be in charge of the grill! And grey hair. Well, I've been getting some and I think I kind of like them. We'll see if I still think that when I have a bunch more.

Wow, you'd be watching your food fly away as you shivered in a thick blanket here!

Have you tried viognier? It was a favorite type of white wine for me, before wine meant migraines.

that sweater is "you" love the look and the classic lines. I bet anything you serve would be lovely! Have fun with your company and don't spend too much time in the kitchen :)

That was a lovely tour of the internet for Margene's favorite things! I love Merle. It looks like a great sweater for you. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Merle is a great pattern - I may use my Beaverslide for that. I think I have enough.

The columbine is gorgeous!

Invisibility is a bad feeling. But folks who miss you just miss out, bless their hearts.

Sounds like you're in a good place . . . today. . . Margene! I love Merle -- so I'll look forward to watching it grow on your needles. And I know what you mean about AC's fit! Now that I'm not so intimidated by the process, I am totally intimidated by the fit. Enjoy your weekend -- it sounds like an exciting one!

Merle! That's a great looking pattern! Have a fun weekend with your family and I think your hair is gorgeous! (I like your new profile pic out there in FB land.)

I am trying to do the same thing with our CD's. There are so many of them! What an interesting blog. I love that woman's bag. Very chic! Have a wonderful weekend.

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