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Moody Weekend

Mother Nature was not amused by Mother's Day. She has been moody all week and I'm not sure what brought one her darkness. The wind, cold, and rain has damped everyone's joy of spring. We'd love to have a few days of sun, which look to be coming. 



There was a short reprieve Friday afternoon, but, short it was as Satureday and Sunday were as moody and gray as ever. 

Friday pm clear


I hear tell it will be in the 80s by weeks end and this is music to my ears! I'm ready leave my puffy coat behind and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin! 

May blue skies be coming to your part of the world, too! Happy Monday. 


It will be just the opposite here. Very warm today (90!), but in the 60's by Wednesday. Volatile weather, yes? I hope your week ends on a sunny, happy note! Have a great week.

I hope you put away your puffy coat soon. I haven't worn mine for a couple of weeks, now that I think about it. Yay for warmth!

Okay, it's springtime in the Rockies--I get it, but I'm not liking it. It's snowing hard right now and the cherry blossoms are coated with white--no cherry pie for the 4th of July! Whine, whine--gotta get over it!

We finally got sun yesterday and more today! High's in the upper 70's and 80°. I love it! Then bam! tomorrow will be in the 50's. Perhaps it'll slow the blooms down a bit.

We had beautiful weather yesterday for Mother's Day and I made the most of it!

Spring . . . is the most FICKLE of seasons! Hope you're able to put that puffy coat away for good (or at least until fall!).

You captured the week well!

Moody with some personality, it looks like. I think it's beautiful, but I know that blue sky & sunshine is much more welcome!! Yay for good weather on the way!

We got four inches of snow for mothers day. still cool today but sunny now.

no blue skies today but over the weekend we had a few. Today is cloudy and threatening rain!

We have had summer weather the past week. We are at 86 with 55% humidity. It's a bit rough. Yet, by tomorrow our temps will drop to the 50's. I think Mother Nature is crazy.

Sort of fitting given it was Mother's Day weekend. I'm so glad the sun has come out. Hot weather is coming!


Looks a lot like our weekend, only with more mountains.

Send me your cold weather! We're looking at 105 by Friday. Pout!

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