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May 27, 2014


Now that sounds like a perfect weekend! Like you, I always want More Time after a long weekend . . . so today will be a long day at work, I'm afraid. I would love a trip to Red Butte Garden -- it sounds like a delightful place to visit.

(As for the camera -- I think you're right! When we're too busy snapping photos, we're not really . . . experiencing. I like photography -- but I don't want to experience life through a camera lens.) (And NOT a bad blogger for no photographs! Words can tell a story just as well.)

XO to dear Moxie.

That sounds like a great weekend to me - you had time with friends, time with Smith, and time to yourself. Perfect!

it all sounds wonderful...especially that LYS with tea and snacks! happy summer!!

Mmmmm . . . LYS with tea and snacks. What a nice treat! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, and I'm glad you got some rain. :)

What a great weekend you had! Any weekend at the LYS is always a good thing.

This does sound like a very fine weekend. I love the pictures! Thinking of you and Moxie. Have a good week, a short week!

That sounded like a great weekend! Our toes match.

I'm glad you had a bit of rain along with all the other wonderful things. I love the Epiphyllum and that cool plant house!

Sounds like a wonderfully balanced and relaxed weekend. :)

Sounds like an enjoyable weekend all around. :)

Pink cheeks and red toenail polish - that's GOT to mean summer's almost here! :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

The little hideaway cottage was a nice break from the sun. It was a lovely day (as was Saturday, despite the rain!). Sending good wishes to the entire Smith household.

That is such a lovely weekend! Flexible, fun, social, good eating.

Pink on the cheeks - oh summer you really do exist! We had a little taste :-)
Sounds like a great weekend and a LYS...we need one! ;-)

That sounds like a full and fun weekend! What did you read for your Book Club? Mine is reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tart and I am really enjoying it!

your weekend was a busy full one! Sending love to Moxie who I think about often :)

That's a lot of yarn shopping! Sounds like a wonderful weekend was had by all. I love that trellis shade thing at the gardens. When we sell our lake house and start looking up here, the yard is going to HAVE to have room for one of those. Or a pool. A pool would be nice. :D

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