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You have not forgotten Mother's Day is on Sunday (the 10th), have you? I'm sure not one of you has.

Even though my mother has been gone for 25 years, she is always with me. I have a photograph of her sitting on the table at the top of my stairs, and since I live in a townhouse, I see it several times a day. Rarely do I pass this photograph without noticing it or without saying hello to Mom. She is missed, but always in my heart. Carole asked us to share "10 Things Your Mom Taught You" as our ToT post today.

Mom age16
Mom age 16

1. She taught me that beauty is not on the outside. It is within you and the way you present yourself to the world.

2. She taught me to be strong and not to give in or give up. Few of our troubles cannot be overcome.

3. She taught me to love others and to be generous of heart.

Mom age 18
Mom age 18

4. She taught me how to work hard and how to take care of a home and a family.

5. She taught me "to be bored is to be boring". There is always something you can do with your time. Use your hands, your brain, and/or your body to stay busy and engaged. 

6. She taught me the worth of reading and learning.

Mom and dad 1948 engagement
Mom and Dad 1948, engagement day

7. She taught me to cook and bake. She taught me the worth of having a sweet tooth. My oh my, how I miss her cinnamon rolls. (Not that I would or could eat one today.)

8. She taught me the fear of heights, as she would get upset and scream when we stepped to close to the edge of a canyon. Dad was much braver and always took us "too" near.

Mom and dad prewedding1949
Mom and Dad 1949 (Mom's wedding shower-the dress is made of paper napkins)

9. She taught me to love the out of doors, as long as I didn't head for the edge of a canyon.

10. She taught me the love of family and friends.

My Mom was a beautiful woman inside and out. She was generous and caring. Since I was her first child I watched her grow as a person over the years. She died too young (barely a month past her 59th birthday). Her favorite T-shirt said "Behind every great woman is herself".

Please share with me your favorite thing about your mom and make sure you tell her how much you care, especially this Sunday.


Oh Margene - what a great list! She taught you well, and for sure, she lives on in you and your heart. My mom taught me I could do anything I wanted...she definitely believed "Behind Every Great Woman is Herself"!

My mom was never afraid to tackle anything, stain glass, jewelry making, refinishing wood, caning chairs, laying a ceramic floor, putting up wallpaper, taking down 7 layers of wallpaper first, sewing clothes, upholstering furniture, painting pictures, needle crafts (knitting, crochet, needlepoint, quilting etc), writing and publishing a history of the township she grew up in, tackling technology with computers, emails back in the dial up modem and aol days, printers etc, and gardening and cooking meals at the drop of a hat...tires me to think of all the things she accomplished and I probably could think of more. I miss talking with her the most.

What a lovely tribute to your mother! She sounds like a wonderful person and I love that you say hello to her often. I also love her dresses - the "DNA" one at 16, the wonderful engagement day dress, and the wedding shower one is an amazing creation!

My mom taught me to be me, something I didn't appreciate until I was older. She raised gear children to love and to know how to be loved. I treasure all the time I can spend with her, and her unending desire/demand for anything hand knit....

There's a lot of your mom in YOU. She was a great lady and 59 is much too young. My mom was only 66 when she died and that is also way too young. I miss her but the memories are good and the lessons she taught me have stayed with me and I'm grateful for that.

Margene, it is so clear that your Mom did her job very well -- in raising a strong, independent, creative, beautiful daughter . . . YOU! What a lovely tribute to your beautiful Mom. (And that napkin dress! WOW!) I am so fortunate to still have my own Mom in my life. Probably the most important thing she ever taught me was how to LOVE . . . without smothering or interfering.

Awww. :)

I love the paper napkin dress! :D

my mom died at 58 yo....we have something in common. My mother was wonderful and she showed me how crafting and knitting were ways to deal with stress. Loved seeing your mom's photo and she sounds like a wonderful lady :)

I just love #5. And I'm so lucky to have had my Mom until I was 50 - she died at 81. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom!

Lovely memories.

My mother has been dead for 38 years, but I still think about her every week. You already know that we share #5. My mother said if you were bored, it was because you were boring. That took the wind of out my sails when whining about having nothing to do! One of the most important things she taught me was to love books and reading. It has served me well my entire life. Great post!

We all need the t-shirt!

She certainly taught you some important things, especially to be independent and be the woman behind your own greatness.

Margene, what a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

The beauty of the lessons learned from your Mom match the beauty of the fabulous pictures you shared! What a great tribute.

What a wonderful post and tribute to your beautiful mother!

What a wonderful post and beautiful photos of your Mom! The paper napkin dress is really cool!

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