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Couldn't get my ToT list finished until this morning. This is thrown together in a big fat hurry, but there is SO much I wish I know about so many things! Thank you, Carole, for the brain stimulation!

1. Astronomy - I would love to know more about how the heavens move and how to find constellations I only know by name. I'd love more about the planets and the cosmos in general.

2. A (the) Camera -  I'd love to know more about using a camera. My camera (I do fairly well), Claudia's camera (still a complete mystery), and what I really want in a camera when I decide to make a change. Vicki was talking about her smart phone camera and I need to take my investigation in that direction. 

3. Literature - Even though I read many "literary" novels, I'd love to understand more deeply what the author is saying. Many authors use other sources, such as mythology, events in history, or a human condition, as basis for their stories. Sometimes I feel at a disadvantage before I start reading.

4. Knitting - If only I could read all of The Principles of Knitting and retian the lessons. Every time I knit I learn something new (that's what friends are for!) and I love it. I wish I had a knitting brain like Elizabeth Zimmermann's. She was a genius. 

5. Cooking - It's the knife skills that cause me a load of trouble, but also, I'd like to be able to know how to make food look and taste as good as it does in a restaurant. It's not that I can't read a recipe, but it's having the knowledge of doing the right thing at the right moment that pulls a dinner together and makes it special. One thing I do's a lot of work to cook daily meals.

I'm stopping at 5 because I ran out of time yesterday and I'm running behind today. The world is full of interesting subjects. I'd love to know more about music, math, and how the body works, too. It's a great and wonderful world we live in.

What is on your list of things to know?



You reminded me of something I'd really love to know more about...despite being an English major! My grounding in mythology and world literature could definitely be improved!

I'm happy to have company in the less-than-10-on-Tuesday club. ;-)

Excellent list! I feel the same way about literature. I love to read, but there are quite a few times that I think I'm really not understanding deeply enough. I've been afraid to read "A Constellation of Vital Phenomena" because I know so little about Chechnya.

I am intrigued by Vicky's lenses for her phone. I will check those out. Her photos came out lovely! No matter how much knitting we do it seems as though there is always more to learn.

I wish I had better home DIY skills. It's kind of frustrating to realize how little I know - and getting the skills is slooooow.

I'm with you on Astronomy. And the other stuff but definitely NOT math.

Everything. There is no point in living without learning new things all the time. We are so very capable!!

Speaking Italian, the names of all the plants I want to grow, continental knitting,

Astronomy -- what a fascinating subject! I didn't think of that, but now that you mention it . . .

I can find the big dipper and that's it! I love your half list and wonder what you would have added for the other half :)

So many things I want to know about. Thanks to your encouragement, I now know how to cook a duck breast! Life is short, play hard, stay in touch with your curiosity, and you are right, so right, life is GOOD.

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