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A Fair and Gentle Weekend


The weekend looked cooler than it was because of a light layer of clouds that moved in and out. The sun was diffused by the clouds and the resulting blue sky looked like linen. We hit 80 both days, a comfortable, welcome warmth that put a smile on everyone's face. 


Even though it was before Memorial Day, I wore my white pants. The fashion police do not live in my neighborhood and, to my mind, it is now summer! 

Friday afternoon a freind called and asked if I'd go to the Robben Ford concert with her on Saturday. It had been a while since we'd met up, as she lives part of the year in another city. We enjoyed a lovely evening of laughter, Mexican food, and music. 


Sunday as usually a busy day of grocery shopping and readying for the week ahead, which, I must confess, is not my favorite way to spend a day off. However, it's a necessity and the delicious muffins I made will make up for it when I have my morning snack today.  

The weekend was wonderful because it was spent with in the warmth of friends, family, music, and summer, but I'm already for the 3 day weekend ahead. How was your weekend? 


Those muffins look delicious! And how nice that you got to spend time enjoying music with your friend. Sounds like a terrific weekend and mine was, too.

I like your weekend. Preparing for the week is centering, so that you don't have to run around like a madwoman each evening and/or each morning.

Sounds like a great weekend. The chores seem to creep in all the time. I do love your white pants and so what if it's before Memorial Day. Happy Monday!!!!

My weekend was busy with the last graduation in the family and having both kids home for a few days. My house is full and each day is bursting with stuff to do! Love your photo of the flowers and sandals :)

That sounds like a fabulous weekend! I bought fabric.


Sounds like a perfect weekend! Ours was great too. And yes, bring on the 3 day weekend!

Thank goodness we don't follow rigid fashion police rules anymore. i remember going to school in my new shetland sweater and the heat rising to 90 degrees--not a happy thing!

I thought it was only white shoes. But then, I never cared about the fashion police anyway.

hey there friend! it's nice to be back and catchup (darn typepad issues or I'd have been by sooner). wanted to say how much I love your Hayward, and seeing the seasons change for you (gardening, white wine, sandals and white pants...all good!), and I too, was inspired by the grace of the styling in the latest Wool People.

The muffins look tasty! Sounds like a great weekend. We're supposed to hit 80 here today, too.

My weekend was rainy and cool, but lovely anyway! Things are as green as Ireland around here, and that is a very welcome change. Your weekend sounds near perfect, and nobody deserves it any more than you. Have a near perfect week to follow!

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