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My story begins anew every day with Smith and Moxie by my side. Moxie stays close (underfoot) while we scurry around the kitchen making lunches and preparing breakfast. It's a great way to begin the day.

A couple of times a week I am able to meet up friends to knit, or for dinner, maybe for drinks, and sometimes other fun things. Family and friends are the two of the most enjoyable things in life.


Added to the mix of life are the many little things that make life sweet and enjoyable.  Some of my favorites are a loved ones laugh, a good friends smile, a bite of delicious food, a piece of excellent chocolate, an interesting cloud moving by, and the feel of the sun.

What little thing are you enjoying today?


a bit of knitting with one last sip of coffee...and my blog reader! hope your day is a good one!

So many little things that add up. Happy Hump Day!

I love the photos in this post. And I can picture you in the morning, getting ready for your day. I am enjoying being healthy again today!

Those photos are so cool! Are they from your house?!?

I'm going to enjoy the turkey sandwich that Doug made me this morning and savor every delicious bite! Have a wonderful day Margene!

LOVE. So. Much. (And I really need your words this morning. Thank you . . . more than you can even imagine.) XO

What a positive post, Margene. This is helping me today.

Despite it being only April 16th.... the hummers are here already! I heard one a couple of days ago, but then we had a cold snap, but I had a handsome adult male just cruise thru to hit the feeder! That makes me happy.

This post is just what I needed today! Thank-you!

And adding a soupcon of gratitude to each day doesn't hurt!

Um. Laundry and cleaning?

Now that flowers are starting to bloom...pretty colors in the landscape left by a long winter.

One of these things I enjoyed was this post. Thanks, Margene.

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