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Rainy Saturday

Saturday we saw little of the mountains, as they were mostly covered by shrouds of gray clouds. It rained much of the day.  April seems to be ending on a cold and dreary note. 

Good things still happen on a cold and rainy day...

~Cheryl and I had lunch together to celebrate her upcoming birthday (later this week).

~The rain washed the mud from my car, mud left by the last dust storm, turned rain storm. 

~A rainy day means the house is a little cleaner and sewing a sweater together is a good creative activity. 

~ Moxie doesn't like walking in the pouring rain, but I had a rain coat which made it comfortable and (almost) enjoyable. 

~Smith and I had a nice dinner out Saturday night, after splurging on dinner Friday night. We enjoyed a weekend of meals out and a nice quiet dinner at home on Sunday. 


For a short time on Sunday the sun graced us with its presence and showed off the newly snow capped mountains. It was a very good weekend. 


Sounds perfect! I love a rainy day for getting things done. (And yes...on a Saturday!)My goodness those mountains are beautiful!

I like the moody broody shroud photo! I like the sun on snow-capped mountains a little better, though.

Sounds like you made the best of the weekend!

Poor Moxie needs a raincoat, too.
Lunch was delightful!

rain is heading our way and you make is sound like fun! However, rain makes my hair go crazy wavy....not a fan of that. Love the blue skies :)

Lovely weekend! Agree with Cheryl.

Sounds lovely! A weekend eating out sounds nice. May it is the harbinger of a great week.

I hope your goodness of your weekend continues into a good week! xo

Sounds like a cozy weekend! Our rain started Saturday evening and continues. Hoping for May flowers! :)

Rain or not a very good weekend is always something to be grateful for.

I agree that a rainy day is perfect sweater-sewing-up weather.

Sometimes rainy Saturdays are the best!!!!

we had glorious weather this weekend until it thundered and rained Sunday evening. I can't wait to see the results of your sweater seaming!!

I love seeing your mountains - rain or shine! Sounds like a great weekend!!

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