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Moxie Weekend


Moxie says "hi, I'm doin' okay".

The weekend was spent worrying and caring for our little guy. Saturday was a rough day for him, as he had no idea where (or who) he was. He slept most of the day. But, Sunday he was back to his okay self, albeit a little unstable (he is old, after all). We're feeling a little relieved for the moment, but very aware things could change on a dime. Moxie lives up to his name.

We had a nice weekend with a dinner out Saturday (sushi!) and a nice dinner at home Sunday. The garden boxes on the patio are full of lettuce with leaves large enough to eat (yay!). An arugula, lettuce, and spinach salad accompanied our dinner. Our first home grown produce! It must be spring.


Moxie has all my admiration for persistence, and I am glad he is still groovin'. I think that picture is really priceless! Ah, fresh salad makings, how great is that? I hope you have a great spring week.

Awwww. I love that cute little face.

so glad to know that moxie is living up to his name--may he have many healthy days weeks months ahead of him!

Good ol' Moxie showin' his stuff!
Pfffft, Spring?!
Snow here this morning, possibly more mid-week.
No words.

Glad to hear your boy is holding his own. My goodness is he cute! And you're tempting me to plant some lettuce!


Moxie is a tough little cookie. I like tough little cookies.

Your garden sounds lovely. Spring seems to have finally sprung here.

We have the very same thing going on here with one of our beloved dogs. Didn't expect her to still be with us this morning but she was. Poor thing going outside the last two days, heavy rain, sleet, snow and high winds, about blew me away going out with her. She's better this morning. Hope Moxie continues to improve too!

I'm so glad Moxie rallied yesterday. And I know just what you mean about things changing quickly, we are facing that with Dixie right now. Hooray for spring greens in a salad!

Each day with your wee puppy is a gift. I'm glad he rallied. It is such a worry. And, fresh greens? It doesn't get any better after winter!

Despite it all, Moxie is still adorable.

I wish I could package up a bit of Holly's 4-year old energy and ship it to Utah. Sending our good thoughts...and just a bit green for your fresh lettuces!

So glad to hear Moxie's feeling better!

Chin skritches to your old boy. (Moxie, I mean ;D)

Oh, Mr. Moxie! I've been thinking about you all weekend long! So glad you're hanging in there, Buddy! (You certainly have a zest for life!) I'm so envious of your home grown produce. What a luxury!

Aw, that face! :)

Adorable picture of your old man. :) Glad Sunday was better for him!

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