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Hayward's pieces are in the process of being blocked. It feels good to have a sweater off the needles, as it's been a long, long time. There is a fair amount of seaming ahead, but seaming isn't that big a deal. It just takes time and over the next few days I hope to find the time to make it to the finish. 

It's taken me 4 months to knit Hayward, which, lately, is about par for the course. I don't mind, I knit when I can. And, at the same time, I was knitting the red mistake. I didn't take many pictures of the Acorn Trail, as the yarn was not photogenic and I was never very happy with the process. I finished the back and one front, put it together to see how it fit, and fell into total dislike. I would never, never wear it, which isn't to say it isn't a nice design. This is all about me and the poor job I did of making the correct adjustments for fit. A snug fit is uncomfortable and it won't be worth the work to finish. I am moving on. Don't cry for me (or for Acorn). Sometimes I knitting break up is just what is needed to put you on the right track.


For sometime I'd been looking for my next sweater project and hadn't quite decided which direction I wanted to go. Was there a cardigan I loved, or a pullover that struck my fancy? I just wasn't sure what yarn, which pattern, yada, yada...I was getting a little frustrated with myself. And then, Tuesday morning Wool People 7 was published. I fell in love, with more than one thing, and I started planning and stash diving immediately. It felt good to find my direction and to set off on a new course.  Stay tuned!


At least you finished something, grrlfriend. Happy Thursday. I think 2 days were added to this workweek. Hugs and pittypats.

Knowing when to say when is such an important life skill. Yay for getting a sweater off the needles! I'm hoping to do that myself soon.

I love how nonchalant you are about the seaming. It makes me break out in a sweat..ha! I am working on a sweater and while I love the design I am getting bad vibes, so I totally understand putting down something you knew you weren't going to love.

Hayward is going to be so comfy!

Ah, knitting wisdom! Yep, it's best to know when to stop putting effort into something you won't wear. I bet Hayward will be a winner, and I also fell in love with several things from Wool People 7. Looks like you've already started swatching. Go Gurl!

Reminiscent of Salina and Chamomile looks-wise...Merle is.

Oh, Wool People!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing Hayward finished!

I am not surprised about Acorn - it was obvious you weren't feeling the love. But I'm glad you finally decided to take a good look at it and make a decision about it.

Too little ease on Acorn? Glad you moved on.

I can't wait to see Hayward - it's going to be a beautiful FO! and whoa, you did fall fast and hard for Merle. I love the color and that pattern is my favorites, too. Glad the false start with Acorn didn't take any of your knitting mojo - knowing when to say quit is a hard lesson!

Oooh, I like that Merle pattern a ton. And I never would have seen it if not for you, so thanks!

Merle will be perfect on you! Go you!

I wanted to let you know that Imagine When by Joji is on sale through the 2nd of May. She was reviewed on the Loopy Ewe's blog and offered a discount for all her patterns actually. I wanted to tell you in case others' saw your Imagine and wanted it too.

It's actually a great feeling to cut-off-all-ties with a project that just isn't working out! Liberating. I am giddy over Wool People 7. So. Much. To. Love. (You've picked one of my favorites. Can't wait to see it emerge.)

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