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April 10, 2014


Wishes, hugs, and white light on the way to Moxie, you, and Smith! xo

Sending lots of love & mojo to Moxie!!

I've been doing (a little) knitting behinds the scenes, too! Slow but sure... you'll have a new sweater and I'll have a shawl. :)

My best to Moxie.

You have more knitting content than I do, for sure.

Sweet Moxie - he's got all of my good thoughts and wishes.

Knitting is good for you and I bet it helps deal with Moxie's situation, too. Poor little guy. I hope things are better straight away.

Liesl and Ben send Moxie some big wet kisses and loving thoughts.

Thinking good Moxie thoughts...

Send ALL good thoughts and wishes to dear Moxie! (And to you, too.) Jenny and JoJo send hearty tail-wags as well. (And keep knitting! Can't wait to see your sweater!)

Hugs to you and Moxie.

I am thinking of you and dear sweet Moxie, frodo sends him a hug :)

Special thoughts for Moxie.

Always thinking good thoughts for you and Moxie. I hope this is just another bad day that will soon be in the past. It's never the wrong time of the year to knit a cashmere sweater.

Lots of hugs and love to Moxie. And to you and Smith.

Love and prayers for Moxie and Mommy and Daddy.

Moxie has my heartfelt prayers for his health and peace, as do you. Also I am so anxious to see Hayward model shots!! I think that could be a great design but I haven't totally bought it yet.

Love to you, Smith and MOXIE!! <3

thoughts with y'all for Moxie. so sorry! (and anytime is a great time to have a new cashmere sweater!)

Many healing thoughts and prayers for little Moxie and for you and Smith too!

Same here with knitting behind the scenes...slow and steady still gets it done, right? xoxo

Keeping Moxie in my thoughts!!

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