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I'd Have to Go Away First


At this time of year winter seems interminably and I feel sure it will continue on until it's once again time for cold weather. I start talking non-stop about warmth and going away and saying we should go south for a few days, but then, we never do. We rarely have a chance to get away. We rarely create a chance or find a reason to take a vacation.

Then we have to take into consideration all the places we'd like to go, can afford to go to, and if we want to visit anyone, or if we should make it a total getaway. What to do, where to go? There is a world full of place to go and we're thinking about the possibilities.  Carole's ToT has me thinking about coming home before I ever get a chance to go away, but here's my list:

1. There is no place like home (I expect to see this on nearly ever list for ToT).

2. We'll see Moxie again! It would be very difficult to leave him in his current fragile condition, so this could be the deal breaker in leaving. However, he is doing very well at this time. We feel grateful.

3. Ever since I was a child I have loved coming home to our mountains. They fill my soul and I miss them when I'm away.

4. My bed! Sometimes hotel beds are better than my own, but being surrounded by ones own dwelling and under ones own bedclothes, is the best way to get a good nights sleep.

5. Seeing my friends again, going to SnB, and chatting and knitting together.

6. Exercising at my gym amd getting back to pilates and feeling my muscles come alive again.  Even if there is active time while vacationing, it's not usually as strengthening, as my regular regime.

7. Having better choices for food. Even good vacation food leaves something to be desired and "cheating" is easier when you use vacation as an excuse. At home, it's easier to make good choices.

8. My stuff! Having all my wardrobe choices (minimal though it may be) and all my jewelry (which is also minimal), and being surrounded by things I choose to have in my life, is comforting and calming.

9. I almost always take an extra day off to catch up with laundry and to decompress before getting back to work and a routine. I always build in time to relax and enjoy my own home.

10. Sitting down the day after returning to plan the next getaway!


I'm already thinking about #10.

A perfect list, Margene! You're so right ... there's no place like home! (And that Moxie! So glad to hear he's hanging in there and doing well.)


That is great news that Moxie is doing well. I hope that continues.

home is the best place ever and I miss it so when we go away. I get sad pulling out of the driveway! However I have a count down to when I will return. I always have fun when I am away but like you home is the best place to be!

Oh, my bed... especially my bed!! :)

I am such a homebody that I can think of an endless list of reasons why it is always lovely to come home. And traveling has rarely lived up to its hype for me unless there are dear people I wish to visit. So, I love your list. Glad to hear that Moxie continues to do well.

There really is no place like home. I'm glad Moxie is doing well. There are times when leaving your pet is just not feasible. I know as ours got older we simply didn't go as much or took him with us, which wasn't always easy or very relaxing!

Glad to hear about Moxie! (We put Rocket down just before vacation last year - it was awful.) I love your #10 - planning for the next one. ;-)

There's nothing like that first night home sleeping in your own bed!

Yeah, there really is no place like home.

Sigh of relief for Moxie. I always build in that centering day at home at the end of the trip. Totally necessary.

That's a great list - I like the idea of a day "off" to decompress...and planning the next getaway. I'm going to try to do both when I return!

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