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April 22, 2014


Gorgeous shots, Margene! You are going to have such fun with the camera!

Beautiful pics. It was a glorious weekend, wasn't it?

Ducklings!!! :)

That sun is really cool.

I've almost never taken a picture I was completely happy with - lots of tweaking in Irfanview (cropping and resizing) and Picasa (brightening, improving contrast, effects) after the fact.

Beautiful pictures!! Lots of new life surrounding you, just lovely!

Those are beautiful pictures! I think you are doing great.

Ditto, what everybody else said. I think these photos are very good. Thanks for taking and sharing them. A little cheer for my day.

Lovely photos!! You will find that it's much easier to focus when your subject has good contrast -- there's isn't so much in your first flower photo (plus the lighting isn't that great on those flowers), but there is good contrast and lighting in all of your other photos and they all look fab! YAY SPRING!!

Argh, Typepad! I haven't closely read their explanations, so I don't know whether they've explained WHY they've been attacked -- and why it's so bad. I've never experienced anything like it in 10+ years and I feel bad for them... but it's so very FRUSTRATING!

What am exquisite sampling of spring in Utah!

Looks like you're having fun with the camera!

Lovely! You can have the sun. I'd like a big violent rainstorm instead.

so pretty...and so very different from our Georgia spring! (glad Typepad is better; I just gave up last week, and now I'll try again).

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