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However, I'm sticking with the 10 Things strategy, as I have a few photos from my weekend, some with Claudia's camera.  I'm using the "auto" setting as it takes me forever to get the focus set.

I tried my hand at close-up photos of flowers, but this one turned out to be a little faded and looks more vintage than fresh.

I had better luck with the large sun on my patio and, perhaps, that has to do with the metal and its ability to reflect the light.

My best photo may be of the late blooming orange crocus. Seeing this bright orange darling pop up in my garden brought instant delight to my day.

Sunday I took a drive up the canyon to see how the snow pack was holding up. The mountain streams have barely started to fill with run-off, but it won't be long before the water rises and the stream beds fill.
The ground at Silver Lake is still too covered with snow to allow walking without snowshoes. Think soft and melty, almost too soft to hold any weight. I walked out far enough to snap a couple of pictures.


From the parking lot I captured this one of Mount Millicent (oops, the lense needs a cleaning!)


On the way down the canyon I stopped and took a photo of a beaver dam and the moss-filled pool that surrounds it. I enjoyed my trip up the canyon, especially because there were few people in the canyon and I felt as if I had it to myself. 

My odyssey over, I headed over to the garden, this time carrying my point and shoot camera. I captured photos of the very first duck family I've seen on the canal this year.  I do believe I counted 14 babies!

Smith confessed, before garden season began, that he'd ruthlessly dug up all the chives and there would be no chive flowers for spring. How sad I was to lose the large patch I had grown for 14 years. But, I was very happy I was to see a smal plant survived his ruthlessness and he's promises to leave them untouched from now on.

As you can see the weekend was full of blue skies with signs of spring everywhere. What isn't blooming is turning green and, while we may have a cool day on Wednesday, the tide has turned in favor of spring.

How was your Holiday weekend? I hope spring has arrived in your part of the world and you have blue skies above! I, also, hope Typepad's problems are over and you can leave a comment. 


Gorgeous shots, Margene! You are going to have such fun with the camera!

Beautiful pics. It was a glorious weekend, wasn't it?

Ducklings!!! :)

That sun is really cool.

I've almost never taken a picture I was completely happy with - lots of tweaking in Irfanview (cropping and resizing) and Picasa (brightening, improving contrast, effects) after the fact.

Beautiful pictures!! Lots of new life surrounding you, just lovely!

Those are beautiful pictures! I think you are doing great.

Ditto, what everybody else said. I think these photos are very good. Thanks for taking and sharing them. A little cheer for my day.

Lovely photos!! You will find that it's much easier to focus when your subject has good contrast -- there's isn't so much in your first flower photo (plus the lighting isn't that great on those flowers), but there is good contrast and lighting in all of your other photos and they all look fab! YAY SPRING!!

Argh, Typepad! I haven't closely read their explanations, so I don't know whether they've explained WHY they've been attacked -- and why it's so bad. I've never experienced anything like it in 10+ years and I feel bad for them... but it's so very FRUSTRATING!

What am exquisite sampling of spring in Utah!

Looks like you're having fun with the camera!

Lovely! You can have the sun. I'd like a big violent rainstorm instead.

so pretty...and so very different from our Georgia spring! (glad Typepad is better; I just gave up last week, and now I'll try again).

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