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March 11, 2014


How'd you get so wise, anyway? You and Smith make a great team.

Great team indeed!

Don't we all whine? I know I do and it bores the hell out of me. We will have many weekends coming up when being outside will be a large part. Hugs, Grrl.

Excellent man. But the weather was glorious and you wanted OUT. Pretty reasonable, I think.

This sounds like an excellent partnership.

Sometimes the mundane part of everyday life gets to us all. I know I've felt like that alot lately.

Oh, a person just has to complain and bitch sometimes!!

Looks like you guys work great together. I think we all get cranky about not having enough "me" time.

Sounds like you've got a great system worked out. :)

I wish I could have played hookey, too, and gotten the rest of my seeds planted when it was so nice, and before the rain came. But I just had too many things to do that day.

Since my husband can't do anything, when I get whiny, and believe me I do, I remember that he would give anything to be able to do what I can do. The spring weather and sunshine will help a lot with this, I think. And, as wise as you are, you must know by now that "should's and could's" are a waste of time. Play hooky occasionally, it's good for the soul. You and Smith sound like you have a great partnership.

Looks like a pretty good team to me! But though I don't do as much of the down and dirty, like you I've got to prime the pump! ;-)

I sort of picture you with your face pressed against the window, staring out at the nice weather...

You and Smith make a great team, Margene! What I've found fascinating in reading this week's 10 on Tuesday posts, is how couples work out their tasks and chores in ways that (generally) work best for them. (I do my share of whining, too!)

since I'm the one at home, I do most of the chores. However my mr is in charge of the outside and the cars. We both take care of the dog and when it's just the two of us there seems to be less to do :)

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