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March 07, 2014


No wonder everyone uses smart phones for pix. Lots lighter and lots easier.

What a great challenge. I still have my old SLR and won't give it up for anything. Can't wait to see what you see through the lens!

I'm so jealous of your temps! It's going to be in the 40s here today and I'm all excited - anything above 20 right now is a big bonus. Your camera story made me laugh. You can do this and how thoughtful of Claudia to enable, errr, help you.

Carole called me an enabler! Ah, the truth hurts.

Ha! You CAN do it, and you've got to start somewhere. Believe me, beginner or not, EVERYONE makes goofy "true story" mistakes!

We are all positively giddy 'round here at the prospect of kissing 40F on Monday. It has been a long, long time!

Happy Weekend!!

It's fabulous that you can laugh at yourself. I have done that myself. No spring here yet, but I am hopeful. I am actually looking at the sun as I type this, and I am very glad to see an old absent friend! Have a great weekend.

That is a great story! Reading Claudia's blog has me considering getting my beloved SLR fixed! Happy weekend!

You're certainly not the first to have that lens cover problem. All of us over a certain age have probably done that.

Have fun with your new toy!

A challenge is always interesting, but I have to say the pictures you've posted with your current camera are really wonderful. Hooray for crocus, and I really love all the colors in the photo of your mountain. I'm wishing for some yarn that captured all those colors!

I think every photographer (from amateur to pro) that I've ever talked to has had that same lens cap experience. :D

Good luck with your wonderful new toy. It's so nice to realize you've left the cap on quickly. Not when you get a roll of film back with several black shots. Enjoy your spring. I'm very jealous.

Yeah for starting the planting! I hope you have fun with your new toy!

I can't tell you how many times I've done that, and I've been shooting for years...

I discovered yesterday that my shallots have mostly made it. With a couple of weeks of -14 and less, I was afraid that they would be mush - but they're not! I can't wait - I love using them in cooking. This means, however, that I have to build more raised beds because they're taking up half of the only real open bed. The other one has become the "Herb bed".

Love sweet woodruff - I should plant some!

I love it! Enjoy your new learning journey! xo

I remember when i got my big camera, my brain hurt! However reading a manual for me does nothing--I need to go out and play with the settings. Lovely spring photos :)

w00t! How exciting to have Claudia's camera, you are going to have fun!

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