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March 26, 2014


Notes like that are the best. Smith and Dale are so alike.

What a lovely thing to wake up to. Priceless last line. :-)

Aw, so sweet!

How sweet! I miss that morning stuff since Michael has been working 2nd shift. Much nicer to wake up to a ready cup of coffee or breakfast made.

So much love in that note.

Yup. He's a keeper!

Aw, that was really sweet of him! :)


Smith gets extra good-husband points from me because he even readied the coffee before writing the note. What a thoughtful man!

What a good guy!

Yet another reason to love Smith!

I'm sorry you had a bad nights sleep, and hope that has improved.

Oh, Margene, what a guy! You are indeed lucky, but then you already know that!

Hey! I recognize that tea kettle in the background.

I guess I'll have to try that Silver Bean coffee some time.

Ah...that's what it's all about. ;-)

how sweet! coffee is a huge part of my morning (and afternoon :-) and I can really appreciate having it ready with a note to boot!

how sweet! I am the early morning riser and the coffee brewer. I think my husband loves to come downstairs and pour a cup while he slowly greats the day.

Smith...he is a good, good man!

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