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A few years ago I changed to tea for my morning wake up, but on occasion, I'll have a cup of coffee. Smith has a pot full everyday, but the only coffee I'll drink at home is from a local roaster, Silver Bean Coffee. I was first introduced to it by the local community station, KRCL, as Silver Bean gives a pound of coffee to everyone who donates to the morning shows during fund raising week (this week!).

Sunday morning Smith had to be up and out of the house at o'dark thirty (the poor guy is not a morning person). While I am the morning person, a bad nights sleep kept me in bed until I couldn't stand it any longer. (Even the dog slept in, which he rarely does.)


I dressed (in case Moxie woke up and I had to rush him out) and headed for the kitchen. Smith had taken time to ready the French Press with coffee and write instructions on a sticky note. I love his last line "Push - wake up". It was lovely wake up call.


Notes like that are the best. Smith and Dale are so alike.

What a lovely thing to wake up to. Priceless last line. :-)

Aw, so sweet!

How sweet! I miss that morning stuff since Michael has been working 2nd shift. Much nicer to wake up to a ready cup of coffee or breakfast made.

So much love in that note.

Yup. He's a keeper!

Aw, that was really sweet of him! :)


Smith gets extra good-husband points from me because he even readied the coffee before writing the note. What a thoughtful man!

What a good guy!

Yet another reason to love Smith!

I'm sorry you had a bad nights sleep, and hope that has improved.

Oh, Margene, what a guy! You are indeed lucky, but then you already know that!

Hey! I recognize that tea kettle in the background.

I guess I'll have to try that Silver Bean coffee some time.

Ah...that's what it's all about. ;-)

how sweet! coffee is a huge part of my morning (and afternoon :-) and I can really appreciate having it ready with a note to boot!

how sweet! I am the early morning riser and the coffee brewer. I think my husband loves to come downstairs and pour a cup while he slowly greats the day.

Smith...he is a good, good man!

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