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March 12, 2014


I love that red tweedy yarn! And a life blog is just fine, too.

Beautiful sweaters! I am SO in the mood to knit a sweater right now. But I can't choose just one. Maybe I'll follow your lead and try two. . .
And I enjoy life-blogging much more than just knit-blogging!

You are still knitting. It's just not the center of your universe. And, it sounds like you are enjoying the process, so it's all good. Happy Hump Day!

It's beautiful! I enjoy blogs that are more than just knitting-it's nice to know the person behind the knitting.

I have yet to finish my measures for the same reason. Those sweaters will be beautiful.

I am glad you still find time to share with us, about both life and knitting.

I hope that it all works out with Acorn Trail because it looks gorgeous!!


My knitting progress is snail-like compared to yours.

they are both beautiful, and you have inspired me to do something with my sunday knits yarn

Lovely! I'm feeling the same kind of nervousness about my custom fit sweater that I just blocked. Fingers are crossed for both of us. :)

Congratulations on so much knitting done!

And happy birthday, Margene! I hope you celebrate long and hard!

Nothing on my needles at the moment, but hankering to knit a sweater. Two backs is a lot.

Maybe you should just quickly baste it together instead of a full-on seaming job, to check the fit? Do not despair if you think the body is too small once you get it seamed. You still have the front bands to do. And if it really is too fitted for your taste, you could sneak in a small side panel on each side - maybe that pretty cable.

Oh I can't wait to see that red sweater assembled! And I'm sure the grey is perfect too. And that Cheryl is so smart!! I can't even imagine being able to do something like that. And the life part - great ;-)

Heh, I can hardly complain about anyone's blog not being entirely about knitting anymore, can I?! ;)

Beautiful as always! And mine isn't just about knitting either these days...still I'm glad we can keep up with each other regardless.

I think both of these sweaters will be great. Maybe you are just worried because you keep seeing the disparity in the sizes. Never fear, it will be just fine, or you will make it so.

It's going to be beautiful on you tho - that color of red is absolutely perfect with your hair!!

I LOVE both those sweaters. color, texture, style, all of it! cheering you on to the finish line!!

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