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February 11, 2014


Great post! What a wonderful variety of red, and how you pulled it together with the last one.

I couldn't wait to see your RED post today! May you forever be surrounded by beautiful, lovely RED. XOXO

What a neat post. Thanks for sharing them! And, happy Tuesday!

Red is such a cheerful color and I love the things you chose for this post.

beautiful shawl and leaves and all the rest! such good news to have a healthy heart!

I love apples except for Red Delicious too. Time to get my red post together.

Such a beautiful shawl!! I hope to get to see the Red Rock Desert one day. It looks amazing.

I don't know how Red Delicious apples got to be so popular. Blech. They must have had a good publicist.

Lovely and thoughtful post about my favorite color. My husband actually asked me what my favorite color was last week, and I opened my closet doors and said, "guess". There is waaay too much red in there! Have a happy, red day!

I love red, it's a cheerful vibrant, lover of life, color!!

What a happy post, love the shawl and the basket, makes me want to stitch one too!

I'm so there with you on the apple front, no Red Delicious for me! Great list, Margene!

I love how your red is fun, beautiful and healthy! that view of the red rocks against the blue sky is amazing!

I love your reds the best, because red is the color of your now healthy heart!


Red is the best color! And #10 is the best reason why!

A healthy red heart is the best thing ever!!

I enjoyed the variety of your list! Very uplifting -- thank you!

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