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February 24, 2014


So did someone set the fire or was it spontaneous combustion? Love the shot of the fire truck with the mountain in the background!

What a dramatic end to your week!

What an exciting (and, not serious) event!!!!!

Wow! That's a lot of excitement for an office . . . on a Friday! So glad your boss caught it before something MORE exciting happened.

Do they have any idea how the fire started!?

Wow, what an amazing view from your parking lot.

Yikes! Glad he caught it before it spread.

I see someone always has a camera with her! Nice work.

Nice view over the top of the fire truck! It looks like a gorgeous day, though I know you'd like to see a lot more snow on them there hills! :)

What caused that? Spontaneous ;) human combustion. Good grief.

Great photo op of the drama and a trip outside! Looks like it would have been pretty well contained in the dumpster. Hopefully the FD responds a bit quicker with house fires.

Exciting stuff, just when all of you were contemplating your paperwork and weekend plans. It did look like a beautiful day. Just look at that sky!

Like Carole said - that photo with the truck and the mountains is beautiful! You should send a framed copy to the department!

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