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January 06, 2014


the title of your post made me laugh...I do enjoy those sky photos! (especially because we haven't seen much of the sun here lately and I definitely don't have any mountains nearby) ... can't believe y'all didn't play a tie-breaker :-)

It's not nearly as cold here as elsewhere, but with wind chills, this morning it is -6! My Southern sensibilities are quite offended! Hooray for blue skies and sunshine in Utah! I hope it continues for a while. May Smith feel better soon.

Sounds plenty exciting. I come by for more than sky photos, but these are beautiful!

Beautiful Margene! Doug is suffering with a crappy cold as well. I hope Smith feels better soon. And backgammon...the way back machine! ;-)

So glad you got a break from the inversion.

The colors of your sky are so brilliant! Just beautiful. (But that's not why I stop by . . .) I hope Smith is feeling better soon -- although backgammon is a delightful way to spend a quiet evening.

I do come for the sky photos...as well as everything else that you post! ;)

Ha! We played cribbage last night. Another oldie, but goodie.

It doesn't have to be exciting to be good. Tranquility is very exciting.

Nothing wrong with board games!! :) Glad the inversion's gone and that Smith is feeling better. :)

Such beautiful skies! Your quiet weekend sounds lovely. Hope you are all well again and that the inversion stays away. xo

Looks gorgeous.

Backgammon! I think I've only played a few times. As I recall, it was a fun game.

Hope Smith is on the mend.

Thanks for the lovely view! :)

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